Friday, December 31, 2010

What's New At the Anarchy's Heart

As the year rolls to an end, my hobby time has been cut down a lot the last few months. Not to mention I took a break after my workload before Games Day this year. I have been slowly working on things on and off in both my Chaos and Imperial armies. This along with the holidays always slow down my blogging around this time of year. So not a whole lot has been posted recently. I am still working on some new units and a new army in sort of a way. Check it out!

More help from Papa Nurgle is coming soon!

A new addition to my Daemon forces, Tzeench has joined my armies with a unit of Horrors and The Changeling.....This unit has already proven to be a fun one in a few games already, it is earning its place in my forces already, the lord of change has given me a fun unit indeed!

Dark Eldar in the works....a unit of Elite Kabalite Trueborn to go with my new Archon. These new sculpts are really cool looking and fun to build. I also just picked up a new Raider to give these Trueborn a ride. I am also looking at the new Jetbike squadron, the models look real slick! This is going to get expensive....Heh!

As always more is always in the works for the forces of Chaos! I have another CSM Character soon joining my massive CSM forces. Along with him will come lots of spawns, and maybe another Dread. This on top of an Alpha Legion Predator, and some other goodies in store soon. Finally I am working a new army for my forces of Chaos, no not Dark Eldar....something Greener! More to come next year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Enjoy! =)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh Yes! Dark Eldar Archon!

No, I'm usually not one to jump onto a bandwagon and start a new army with just any new codex release, god knows I have more then enough armies right now to keep me busy, but once I saw the pictures of the new Dark Eldar the new sculpts caught my eye. The new Archon model especially caught my interest from a pure model and paint POV, so I picked one up when it came out. After a little playing around with the paint scheme here are my results! A fun model to paint and fairly easy too with some good results.

Fire is not something I paint we will call it Warp Magik for now!

Now I've gone and done it....I need to get a squad of troops and a raider to go with my Archon.....

Enjoy! =)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chaos Apocalypse!

last week GW did a feature on Apocalypse and armies people in the company owned. This got me thinking that I have never done a photo shoot of all my ready units in my chaos army. Chaos Renegades, Chaos Space Marines, and Chaos Daemons, I have never combined the entire mess into one whole army in all the years I have been painting and playing Chaos. Well today I corrected that little problem, as I broke out everything that was at least fully painted, based, and legal for an Apocalypse style army. I didn't bother with making formations, although I am sure some formation or two are in there. Oddly enough only one chaos power is not present in my army at the moment, can you guess who!? The army nearly took all the space on my dining room table, and even if I finished some of my half complete projects I don't know if I will have space for more on this table....Hmmmm...looks like I need a bigger table! ;)

Give or take a few points....Your looking at 9500 to 10K worth of Chaos on the table! Who's up for a 20K Game!

Daemons on the Flanks!

Renegades make up the central Core of this army!

Flesh Hounds on patrol....

Chaos Space Marines leading the charge!

Enjoy! :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

War Pigs Sentinel

A new army for my forces of Chaos! Who are the War Pigs!? They are a new side project in my ongoing Chaos armies. A force using the Servants of Decay and the original Defenders of Varks army list from Forge World. This army will be a themed Mercenary force made mostly out of old GW models. First up is this sentinel which I have posted about before. It is now finished and ready to join the battle line. So check out the photos and let me know what you think. I will be posting more pics of this new chaos project soon!

Enjoy! :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Anarchy's Heart Motor Pool (Part 5)

Another update from the Motor Pool for you Legion fans! I have been doing a little bit of body work and painting on the new Predator for the crew. I swapped out the lascannon tips for dragon heads and I plan on doing the same with the sponsons. So far the body is looking good, with a few more touch ups it should be ready for the sponsons.

Enjoy! :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Conscripts and Cultist for the LotD

Almost a year ago I posted about a unit of old metal Cultist models I got, and while I have been working on them on and off this past year, I can now show you the results! The Cultist will be used as an attached Conscript unit for one of my Legion of the Dragon Zeta Platoon. Although the unit numbers 24 models I hope to find more of these guys and eventually make a full 50 man unit of Crazed Cultist for my renegade forces!

Enjoy! :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Faithless

Welcome to the Full Roster and Gallery of The Faithless. This is the current crew of Captain Arkos aboard his battle barge The Anarchy's Heart.......HYDRA DOMINATUS!


Lords Arkos and Commanders of the Anarchy's Heart


Stealth Squad

Striker Chosen Squad

Dreadnought Baltar


1st Squad



Red Reavers




Hydra Annihilation Force

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Battle Report: GDL vs Chaos Khorne Daemons (Part 2)

When we last left off our stinky heroes.....the jaws of Khorne death were closing in! The Horror!!

The battle didn't go so well for my left flanking squad as the entire squad was wiped out by the charging Bloodletters. On the other hand the Hounds took a stomping from my center force, but held on locking up a unit for another round of combat. One Oblit still holding the Prince down and keeping him busy.....and so we come to round 3....


Round 3 begins with Big Stinky leading the attack on the trapped Prince and Oblit. Will he make it!? I think so....Heh Heh Heh!

Meanwhile the center force continues to fire and back away slowly. Keeping the Blood Crushers busy.

After a busy shooty round, it's time to finish the combat! Big Stinky makes the charge in, but the Prince chooses to take out the Oblit who would pose a larger risk then Big Stinky. NNNOOOO!!! Poor Oblits, maybe next time! Big Stinky will get his revenge in as he strikes down the Khorne Prince in one round of combat!

Meanwhile my center force is able to take down the last few Hounds and put an end to that combat. This allowed the unit to fall back and gain some breathing space from the onrushing Blood Crushers. WOO HOO!!!

Well it's the bottom of the 3rd and the forces of Khorne are looking to take down a huge chunk of my army out of the game....the Blood Crusher charge in for the as the squad looks on, along with Skulltaker and Skarbrand the full might of Khorne is about the hit my center line. The last squad of Bloodletters arrives in the center line. Meanwhile Big Stinky is left on his own after his win with the Prince, but he isn't too alone...Bloodletters! The right flank is holding well with the Nurgle Prince leading the forces there.

The combat is brutal as two whole squads go down to the assault of Blood Crushers in the Center, and Bloodletters to the right flank. Not to mention Big Stinky takes a big hit from the Bloodletters on the left flank. No Mercy for Nurgle, Khorne wants its skulls back NOW!


All is not lost......As reinforcements arrive for our heroic Nurgle marines! YEAH!

My last squad walks onto the battlefield, and join the battle to stem the tide of Blood Crushers and Skarbrand. Meanwhile my Nurgle Prince leads his forces on the right flank against a squad of Bloodletters. The new arrivals blast away at the Blood Crushers, meanwhile my other remaining center squad joins force to bring the pain to the Blood Crushers.

Meanwhile Big Stinky continues to battle a lost cause on his flank, as Tzeentch(Daemon Player) takes this moment to express his opinion of the battle taking place....Thanks Chicken! Result....Big Stinky returns to the Warp! ARGH!

This is starting to take a turn for the worse for the forces of the one flank and objective is now in full Khorne control, with the center and right side under siege real bad. To top it all off the final Khorne Prince chose to show up and join this little party....

The arrival of the last Prince sends all the other Daemon forces into a fury to charge and get into Skarbrand jumps the center squad, the diminished Blood Crusher squad jumps the new nurgle reinforcements, and the older Bloodletters smash into my Nurgle Prince.....IMORTAL KOMBAT!

The battle is brutal as both Marine squads take heavy losses and my Prince is sent back to the Warp to join Big Stinky and friends.....I'll Be Back!


Not much is left of my Combat is joined and I lose my last two squads to Crushers and Skarbrand...."Um....a Misunderstanding....Honestly! Here keep your skulls..."

"Somebody tell Scotty to Beam us out...NOW!"

Peace Out! ;)

So ends our little adventure this's a good think I usually team up with my friend Dave in doubles tournaments instead of facing him....Team Dave never loses ;)

Enjoy! =)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Battle Report: GDL vs Chaos Khorne Daemons (Part 1)

Well what way besides a good ole battle is there then to bring back the AH into the scene. I have a real awesome battle to report on! This weekend on a whim my friend Dave asked to test out his all Khorne Chaos Daemon army at 2500 points. I was in the gaming mood and said why not! We agreed to a fully painted army game as he has a massive daemon army and I had been watching him finish this Khorne force this past summer, I was willing to throw my army out there for some fun and destruction!

The set up was easy enough......

Points: 2500 Points Per Player
Mission: Loot Counters (3)
Set Up: Pitched Battle

The Armies:

The Grey Death Legion

Chaos Daemons of Khorne

Background: After the game we came up with a funny story to the battle....Basically what happened, Khorne misplaced a few piles of Skulls, the GDL found them and was just hanging out there. Khorne chose at that time to send out Skarbrand and Skulltaker to assemble a force and hunt down those skulls....something about a rare marine captain skull being in the pile and that there was some sort of daemon recall on the skulls for further studies...anyways Whoops the GDL got caught in the middle of the hunt and the GDL step aside for no one...Green vs Red....FIGHT! ;)


Alright being a Daemon force of course my opponent doesn't set up, I also chose to go first since I won the roll off. I brought out every Plague Marine squad I have, including my latest and 6th squad into the party. I also had my new Greater Daemon of Stinky and my Nurgle Daemon Prince leading this crew, finally the party wasn't complete without my nurgle themed Oblits! Bingo nearly 2500 points of Grey Death fun! The set up was easy enough, and I went ahead and kept one squad of plasma loaded PMs in reserve along with Big Papa Stinky who is auto reserved.

He chose to ignore sizing initiative so I went ahead and began to move my forces to prepare for the coming Daemon assault. Forward to the piles of skulls the army went! GET THOSE SKULLS!

Then the Prince sensed something...a feeling he hadn't sensed since....

Khrone was in the house! With a mission to retake those skulls! An initial force of Bloodletters, Hounds, Khrone Daemon Prince and Blood Crushers landed in front of the advancing Nurgle forces. The forces of Khorne began to spread out and prepare for the coming battle....


Round 2 and I am looking down a sizable Khorne force, nicely painted but sizable that needs to DIE! The biggest threat was a Daemon Prince looking my Oblits down, he had to go down. So we called in some heavy hitter....Big Papa Stinky chose to join the party! He swapped spots with one of my champions, and it was off to the game. I continued to move forward aware that I had to lay down lots of firepower if I was going to survive the first round of combat with these Close Combat beast. After cutting down the numbers with lots of plasma and bolter fire, I turned onto that prince with my oblits for close combat. If they could hold out for one turn Big Stinky could join in and clean up that Prince easy enough.

Big Stinky needs to run faster! Meanwhile the marines lay down some fire on those Bloodletters!

FIRE! FIRE!!! Keep firing...My Prince was in full command on the front lines....

This is one of his converted Daemon Princes, the rider is just on the prince for the ride....ARGH! Already lost one Oblit! But I put a hurt to that Prince with my fist.....

Meanwhile on his second turn, more Blood Crushers join the party, along with Skulltaker and Skarbrand. Hold The Line, my Prince was ordering the marines......

Then it was assault time! It was on, the hounds led the charge and one of his Bloodletter units also charged my flank. The battle with the hounds ended in lock combat for me with my marines getting the better end of the deal. Meanwhile his Bloodletters swept my marines aside, with Skarbrand on the table the Hate was in high order for both sides. Combat was brutal and gory! Meanwhile the Khorne Prince continued to chomp away on the Oblits taking another one down, but the combat would end still locked as one oblit still remained alive.

The End of Part 1:

On that note....we come to the end of Part one of this intense battle....Will Big Stinky make it in time to save the Oblit and put that daemon in a hurt locker....will The Nurgle Prince lead his force to victory....will Skulltaker finally take a skull....and will Skarbrand finally love instead of hate for once...these and many other questions will be answered next time....Enjoy! :)