Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Grey Knights 1st Squad Finished!

Well here it is, the finished product. After I got the bases I got to work right away, and I finished adding the final touches today. I tried to get some cool action poses out of these guys, let me know if you all agree. Here are a few close up shots....

Justicar laying down the bolter suppression fire.


Which direction did they go?

Go get'm boys!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Enter The Dragon Forge

WOO HOO! This week my Dragon Forge order arrived. I now have bases for my Grey Knights. I searched around the need for the last few weeks for some cool bases for my Grey Knights army. Most of the stuff was resin, but I did see a few plastic bases on here too. The problem was a lot of them were out of the country and I wasn't going to go that far for bases. A friend of mine showed me some Dragon Forge bases he was using on his Space Wolves and I took a look around the store site and liked what I saw. The price was well within what I expected for resin bases, and the product was very clean.

So I placed and order for 3 25mm bases batches of 10 each, and 2 of the 40MM type in batches of 5. I went with two different styles of bases the Ancient Ruins and Broken Wasteland texture. This way I can mix of the look of the army while still keeping somewhat of the same theme of hunting chaos. Since the Dread is already on a base, I didn't spend for him, but if I get another dread in the future it's possible I might to change it up a bit. The Stormtroopers won't get resin either, since I want to keep them generic, and I can paint up some decent bases for them.

Well now that I got bases it's time to get to work on them....I'll post pics soon of the finished models....until then...Enjoy!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grey Knights Dreadnought

Well now that I have begun working on some Grey Knights and Stormtroopers lets add a little bit of armor to the mix.

Here we go with a Grey Knights converted Dreadnought. This bad boy came with the grey knights army built when I bought the army. The original scheme was a mix of metallic and purple, with a banner on the assault cannon arm. After a few days in a simple green bath, I broke out the Brass Etched pieces. I had originally gotten the grey knights forge world brass etched pieces for a small force of Ordo Xeno Deathwatch marines. Little did I know that later on the other cool brass bits would come in handy, like now. Anyways I got rid of the banner and tried to clean up some of the other glue spots where I can, all the inquisition iconography is brass bits. I even had a brass GK logo for the left arm. Since the grey knights have no dedicated dreads, besides the FW versions and I had this guy in the army I worked a little bit of conversion magic on him.

After a little bit of priming it was painting time. Again sticking with the same style as the grey knights I worked a mix of metallic to highlight the armor, and darker metallic for the working mech parts of the dread. I also went ahead and washed the moving mech parts with the Baddab Black wash to get the armor to stand out more. The brass was mostly painted gold and washed purple like the marines. I also worked in some reds and greens to help give it some extra needed color. The cannon was also painted black in the same style that my marines have their stormbolters painted. Finally I painted up the various lenses and sensors different to again add some different colors.

This dread is still very much in the WIP stage. I'm thinking about using the cooler chaos smoke launchers, and I'm unsure if I want to mount a spotlight or not yet. I would also like to add more purity seals to the armor and hull, it just doesn't look pure GKs yet. Heh! Anyways here are some more pics......

Flame On! This dread has some cool flame upgrades in the codex.

The Assault Cannon is the only arm I have for this guy right now, I might have to find some bits for additional weapons in the future.

Notice the darker color of the "mech" parts compared to the armor of the dread. I also tried to give the leg pistons a little bit of detail with some brown wash to simulate the grease stains on the pistons.

Well that's all for now...more to come!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why do they call you Stormtroopers?

So recently I have been taking a break from working on my massive Chaos forces. This is because I have gotten a bit burnt out of all the Chaos. I also picked up a great Grey Knights army, and I am really enjoying painting the army at the moment. Never fear though, I will return to my chaos ways soon enough.

So I got the Grey Knights, and I began playing around with a sample list. One thing GKs lack are transports, and no the Land Raider does not count here. I mean cheap and reliable transports, I mean a Rhino! So I started digging around for a way to pull this off, and the current edition of the main rules solved this for me. Bring the Rhino to the field and everyone can use it because it's a transport, well the cheapest way to do this in points is by using Inquisitorial Stormtroopers. A simple 5 man squad can bring a Rhino onto the table, swap them out for the GKs and off they go. The army I got had no stormtroopers, but I do from way back. Heh!

I went and dug up the current edition metal Stormtroopers, the Cadian ones don't count right now. These metal models have been around for a while, and I had no plans for them at the moment, so they are now part of the forces of the imperial inquisition.

While I'm sure its been done many times before, I being the Star Wars fanatic that I am couldn't help but paint these guys into TRUE Stormtroopers of the Empire. When one mentions the name stormtrooper almost always the answer falls back to Star Wars. So here I had the chance to make it an even more fun project, and paint up some Imperial Stormtroopers for my Grey Knights(Hmmmm...Jedi Knights!?). I thought about painting them in the style of Clone Troopers from the prequels, but I went with the Classic Trilogy all white and black look. Perhaps in the future I will induct some Imperial Guard as Clone Troopers. Anyways, here is my prototype model, which took me a few hours to paint up. A simple black primer, with codex grey on the armor, and bleached bone white drybrushed on the armor and painted on after to finish the armor. Finally I painted a few details to add some more color to the model, and even painted the grenades in silver to stand in as Thermal Detonators. In total I plan on painting 10 of these guys, since I will be taking 2 units of 5 troopers and a Rhino each.

Now that's a Blaster!

Targeter online....

ComUnit Check....Thermal Detonators Check....

Packing for a long campaign against the Rebels....

Let me know what you all think....meanwhile I think I'll go watch that Animaniacs Episode where this question was answered....

Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Never Leave The Warp Without Units

Recently Ron over at the FTW Blogger group put out a call for some thoughts to the lot of us bloggers about what unit in your army is a Must Have always. I've given it some thought about this and thought I would post my thoughts on this concept. I will stick to what I play most right now, my Nurgle Themed army, although I might add some notes on my other Chaos forces.

Putting aside the fact that I play a pure Death Guard army with nothing for troops except Plague Marines, one could say they are a must have. Although to be honest there really is one unit in the army that I have constantly worked into any list anytime, and that is my Obliterators. Point for Point these 3 monsters have always seen battle time in my Death Guard army list. The unit is always a fun one to field, and the amount of different weapons available to them is awesome, from a Lascannon to a Twin Linked Flamer there are so many weapons to chose from. Add to it the 2+ save with a 5+ Invuln save, and power fist assault in close combat, there is no reason why I shouldn't bring them in for my heavy support choice. Of course that's the game reasons, but I also put some creative work into them when I built them to fit my nurgle themed army. When ForgeWorld first posted Nurgle Ogryns, I started to see some sick looking Obliterators in my mind. I grabbed me up a set of them, and began hacking and slashing them into my Obliterator monsters that they are today. Yeah there are days when this unit rolls 1s and 2s all day long, or may have had the random plasma cannon round scatter into my own Plague Marines. Then again there are those days when you see nothing but enemy Rhinos on the other table edge and you unload every lascannon and either destroy or immobilize every one of them on turn one and make your enemy troops have to walk across the table to get to me. Heh! Yes this unit is a lot of fun for me, and you can always expect it to make it's slow and purposeful stalking appearance on the battlefield when the Grey Death Legion is on the march....

Faces only a Grandfather could love.....

As for my other Chaos forces I have built some must have units for my Alpha Legion Lords to take when they hit the field. Mostly because they fit the commanders theme, and they are some fun nasty units that can turn entire flanks or the entire battle. Lord Bruticus terminator lord for example has his own retinue of Alpha Terminators that he enters into battle with. During a recent battle the unit came in behind an IG force and unleashed havoc on the enemy chimeras and IG command squad hiding in the back of the fire line. My other Alpha Commander The Shredder jump lord always has a unit of Raptors jumping into the battle with him. In the past he has gone hand to hand with Raven Guard Commander Shrike and it was an epic battle that saw the Shredder come out on top. Fun must have units while not always effective make it a lot of fun to play with these armies.

Lord Bruticus the commander of the Force leading the charge with his personal retinue, squad Onslaught!

The Red Reavers and The Shredder! Who's next!

Enjoy! ;)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Grey Knights Of the Round Table

At the end of September I was able to cut a deal with a fellow member in one of the clubs I belong too. I got a whole pure Grey Knights army. In the past I owned maybe less then a squad, and I traded that away for some Chaos items I needed at the time. I've always like the look of the Grey Knights, they are some of the coolest models GW has ever constructed. Right now there are two main problems with owning such an army, first the Codex is ancient and out dated, second the entire Grey Knight line is metal. Like it's Witchunter counter part the army is an expensive one to build up. So when this deal came thru, for nearly 50 GKs and 25 GK Termies I jumped on it. I really did it for the models, and right now I am playing too much chaos to worry about the codex issue. I've liked the models and I wanted to paint them.

I like the original scheme that GW used in the codex. I've always been a fan of the shiny King Aurthur/Excalibur movie that came out back in the late 70s/early 80s where the armor was very shiny and polished. Another member of Team Dave agreed that such an army would be a cool thing to see, so I set about trying to mimic the effect on my new Grey Knights. Starting out with a Chainmail dry brush, I added on a layer of Silver Mithril for the chrome effect on the flat armor pieces of the Aegis Armor. The rest of the scheme is straight out of the codex for detail. With the gold lettering and purple wash and some more gold highlighting.

I've only finished one squad so far, and I still haven't based them. I am looking to possibly indulge in some Resin bases for the added cool factor. I've still to try out the scheme on some GK terminators. I'm also looking to add some Landraiders and Dreadnoughts to the force, possibly some Forgeworld bits in there. Check out the pics of the finished squad and let me know what you think.

2nd Half of the finished Squad

The Justicar Leader

The Stormbolters are some of the coolest weapons on these guys.

FLAME ON! Incinerator this time...Psycannons next time

Finish him!

Enjoy! =)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Necrons Rising out of their Tombs

It's the day after Halloween, but last month I got into the whole spirit of old dead things by breaking out my oldest fully painted 40K army. The Phalanx of the Bronze face was my first dive into building a fully painted army for 40K. Before then I would just paint the random model for fun, while still playing casually with all my models. This gave me a chance to go back and finish some bases and also to finish some units that were half finished when they returned to their eternal slumber after the Medusa V Global Campaign. It was fun digging thru this stuff again, and has me thinking about using this army once more in the tournament scene. Yes Necrons are perhaps the worse army in existence right now in 5th Edition, but my mind is grinding the gears on a fun idea. For now I will continue to slowly work on this army and bring all the other stuff I have for it to the status of fully painted and based. Perhaps one of the rarest things this army has that none of my others do is a fully painted Battle Fleet Gothic fleet as well. When I recently got into BFG in the last few years I wanted to play with a fleet not seen too often, with everyone else running about in Imperial or Marine ships. So along with the ground upgrades I have been working to get my BFG up to par with a Necron Raider Fleet. Perhaps in the future I will be posting BFG battle reports here too....

Commanders Codename: Lord Axalon
Phalanx: Phalanx of the Bronze Face
History: The phalanx was first recorded by imperial force during the famous Medusa V campaign. The forces of the 13th Praetorian Guard ran into the Phalanx while making a troop reinforcement run to Medusa V. During the chase the Phalanx was lost in all the chaos at the time, until they rose once more on Medusa V in the thick of the fighting. Imperial forces were surprised at the resilience of these Necrons and the numbers rising to combat whole imperial divisions during the campaign. Imperial command put out a call for the capture of one of these necrons to study why these particular necrons were so hard to kill and keep down. It is unknown if this study was concluded, because of all the chaos in the final days of the Medusa V evacuation. One thing is known, no more sightings of this army have been seeing since those dark days, but rumors exist of a raider fleet roaming space matching this necron force, we may not have seen the last of this army yet.

We Are Legion!

Two old Lords I got already painted, I call them my Disco Lords due to the flashy colors. Backed up by older Warriors and converted Scarab Swarms of old Scarabs. The Disco Lords are not done growing.

One of Lord Axalon's newer minions. This lord leads the Phalanx more newer models into battle. Backed up by a retinue of Pariahs and many Warriors, Immortals, and Scarabs to lead into battle.

I'm hooked on the fun factor of Wraiths since I had a whole unit when I first got a necron army, and used them often. Add a necron Destroyer Lord, and unleash the speed and pain!

A Full Necron Raider Fleet!

A Necron Base Star! Ok....a Necron Tomb Ship...Heh!

The Harvester.....Every good necron fleet needs a few of these....

Hope you enjoyed this little blast from the past..... ;)