Monday, July 27, 2009

Alpha Legion Obliterators

Obliterators are by far one of the best heavy support choice available in the CSM codex. There is never a list that I currently run where I'm not running at least one of these beast. The ability to swap between various deadly weapons and have an awesome save makes them worthy of taking. I have stopped entire rhino rush armies in one turn of shooting with these guys in the past, forcing marine players to walk to engage my army and taking a ton of fire from my troops. They are a fun unit to use in any chaos army. With the new Planetstrike expansion, I have used these guys are assault troops deep striking along with my terminator forces, making for a very devastating force to open the walls of any defender wide open.

These Oblits are part of my Alpha Legion force. I got these guys thru a trade a while back, and I found out these were the previous Oblits used before the current metal ones. So I got 3 of them in the trade, making for a full squad in the codex. They were already mounted on 25mm bases, and the current Oblits use 40mm, so I rebased them onto 40s with the 25mm bases on there to add a little more height and size. Something these guys lack compared to the current line. I gave them a simple base coat of blue and drybrushing of bolter to finish them. Since AL force don't employ daemon type forces when possible, I took an idea from Star Trek and themed these guys to look somewhat like the Borg. With the grey skin tone, and all the sensors they fit the look real well, so the Borg Obliterators joined my Alpha Legion forces!

That's all....enjoy!

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