Monday, January 31, 2011

Escalation League: The 500 Point Start!

Well the time has come finally. The Escalation League kicks off tomorrow, and I have my first game at 500 Points lined up sometime this week. I’m really looking forward to this, since it’s been years since I’ve played in one of these and I had a lot of fun in the last league I took part in. My opponent schedule is lined up with all new people I have never played before, so this will be a fun event. So Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!!

Below is my first list for the 500 point game. It’s a nice mix of both Nurgle and Khorne which are the two biggest contingents of my Daemon Legion. The Nurgle force will be my chosen force to drop in first to take the hit followed by the khorne forces to strike hard. The first game will be Annihilation with Victory Points instead of Kill Points…..At this level I have everything fully painted and finished as you can see from the picture below. I’ll be posting a battle report soon….so wish me luck!

Chaos Daemon Legion
Total: 500 Points


Herald of Nurgle(+Cloud)


Troop 1
10 Bloodletters

Troop 2
10 Plaguebearers

Fast Attack

9 Flesh Hounds

Enjoy! =)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Escalation League: Chaos Daemons....I Chose You!

This year our club, the Ineptus Astartes is running an escalation league starting in February. I was considering starting a whole new xeno race from the bottom up, but with so many projects in existence I chose a different route. I have chosen to use my recently started Chaos Daemons army for the event. I started painting this army mostly last year in May during an Iron Painter event. Originally most of the first units were meant to be used as lesser daemons for my various Chaos Space Marine armies, slowly I amassed a force that I could be used with the Daemon codex, and here I am today with a whole new army. I have only used the army in a few games as a Daemon force so I’m still new to the codex and what I can do with the units I have. I’m hoping to learn the ins and outs of this army by playing with it in the escalation league. The army is not fully painted and there are units still in the process of being finished. In the coming weeks I will chronicle my adventures with this army thru battle reports and painting updates. So for the next 9 or so weeks it’s going to be Daemon central on the Anarchy’s Heart!

So looking at my backlog of Daemon projects that I want to accomplish in this time the list is not as long as I expected it to be. A lot of the units are half finished so I should be able to finish them soon I hope. Let’s see what I have in the Daemon To Do List….

Partial Painted:
1 Squad of Daemonetts
1 Squad of Pink Horrors w/ Changeling
2 Squads of Bloodletters
1 Daemon Prince of Khorne
1 Forgeworld "An'ggrath The Ubound" Greater Daemon of Khorne

1 Squad of Plaguebearers
1 Skulltaker 

Still in Package:
1 Soul Grinder
1 Herald of Slaanesh on Mount
1 Squad of Slaanesh Seekers
1 Forgeworld Daemon Prince of Khorne w/ Herald

Need to be Cleaned and Rebuilt:
1 Lord of Change

I think if I can at least get the majority of the partial painted group done it will be a successful accomplishment for the campaign. Most of it is well into being completed, as for the rest I am looking to trade the forgeworld prince possibly so he might slide off the list in the future, and the rest will be a gradual grinding away for the army. I’m not sure what faction the Soul Grinder will serve so it might be one of the last pieces to be finished. Right now Khorne and Nurgle dominate my army but Slaanesh is making a sizable rise into the ranks, this with The Masque already finished will make a good size component of the army. Finally I am hoping to make An'ggrath the centerpiece of this army when it is completed, a great model and a lot of fun to paint.

This new force will join my existing finished army of....
1 Greater Daemon of Nurgle
1 Herald of Nurgle
The Masque
10 Bloodletters
21 Plaguebearers
14 Flesh Hounds
8 Furies
1 Daemon Prince of Nurgle

Enjoy! :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Daemons: Herald of Nurgle

A new addition to my Daemon forces. Finally finished my herald of nurgle for my Daemon forces. This is a Forgeworld model that comes with another model as part of a character from the Vraks War line. I never cared for the Daemon Prince that this guy came with, but I got lucky one day and traded some other models for the herald from a friend at the bunker one day. After a little work he is ready to lead my demonic nurgle forces into battle and just in time too, because he will be seeing major action soon.

Ah Nurglings....Can't leave home without them!

They call it The Claw! Now you know why.......

Enjoy! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011


SPAWNS!!! I have finally finished working on my Fast Attack choice for my Death Guard, Grey Death Legion army. Spawns are very random but are perfect for my walking Nurgle army. The randomness of the unit is also a nasty surprise in close combat, and multi wound critters like these are just so brutal in combat. They should work perfectly with my nurgle forces. Although they can also be used in my other CSM forces when needed too. 6 Spawns should fill up 2 of my Fast Attack choices nicely. Enjoy the Pictures!

Enjoy! =)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 at the Anarchy's Heart


Let's start this off with a proper hello! This last year marked a lot of activity for my Chaos Blog. Although towards the end of 2010 my activity here did fall off due to a massive Valhallan IG project for gamesday I still took some time to build my chaos forces when I had time. As you can see by my recent Chaos Apocalypse post the forces under the command of Arkos are still strong and growing each day. With the split of my imperial forces to another blog the content here will be pure Chaos and forces of disorder now. I am also going to be cutting back on my participation in the Tournament scene. I have done the rounds in the tournament scene for the last few years, and I am now at the point where I enjoy the painting and building hobby aspect of this hobby more then going from tournament to tournament. I still enjoy the casual gaming but with the battle bunker now gone, my casual gaming has been dropping off, still this doesn't mean I will not  play anyone who want to throw down. In fact if plans go in the direction they are heading, I will see my share of gaming soon. The Ineptus Astartes club is planning to host a good size Escalation League and this blog will see a lot of action because of this event I hope. So let me share with you some thoughts on where I see the forces of Disorder are heading this year......

Alpha Legion and Legion of the Dragon: The primary force behind this blog. My Alpha Legion has been slowly working up this past year and right now it looks like they will be hiding among the stars for the foreseeable future. I still have 30 CSM troops to paint for this army, along with a Predator conversion, and possibly a Vindicator to go with the army. As for the LoD the IG Renegade forces have slowed down a lot to almost no action at this time. Mostly because of my involvement in my Valhallan army, one IG force at a time. Still I'm thinking about getting my Malcador tanks finally finished this year, along with a rattling force made out of Chaos Squats to join this force. I will also attempt to finish off the last platoon to bring them up to minimal size, and maybe a Marbo conversion. Last year I completed the conscript force, so we shall see what I can get done this time.

Grey Death Legion and Nurgle Allies: The GDL right now sits at the top of my list as my most complete force. Built to be a tournament army, this army was mostly built around its background but was also built to compete in the tournament circuit. I have a few things in the pipeline for the army to grow a little more in 2011. I hope to finally get the last Troop Choice finished this year, guess what kind it is. Heh! I also got Spawns making a appearance. Finally my second special character for this army might make it to my list finally straight out of the codex and in his terminator armor. As for allies, I am still not sure if I want bring the renegade War Pigs servants of decay into nurgles clutches. Right now the force is up to a full platoon and sentinel that serves as mercs for the LoD.  The units were fun and easy to paint, so we shall see where I want to take this force this year. Its looking like a fun green year for Nurgle!

Chaos Daemons: While this army would usually be attached to my CSM forces above, last year it grew in size to earn its own status as an autonomous force. My Daemon forces have grown so large they now field at least one force from each Chaos Power and more reinforcement are in route from the Warp. I suppose this is good with the possible release of new Grey Knights this year my daemons will be the ones hunted this year perhaps. The big to do out of this army will be my Forgeworld Khorne Great Daemon, will I finally have time to finish this great project, time will tell. I really want to finish it and make it the centerpiece of this fun army.

Phalanx of the Bronze Face Necron Forces: My Necron army has laid in slumber since the days of the Medusa V world campaign, I am still unsure as to what this year will bring for them. I have a few units in the middle of being painted, so expect a few bits to show up here. I also picked up some BFG ships for the raider fleet. Since this is my only army with a Battle Fleet Gothic force I plan on growing this force more then the ground forces so if your a fan of BFG and Necrons keep an eye out. I might even get a few players around here to give me a game or two of BFG with this fleet finally. Heh!

Dark Eldar: If you told me last year at this time I would own some new DE toys by the end of the year, I would have laughed in your face. I have to say the sculpts of this new army are really cool. This is going to be a mostly hobby project, where I will paint what I like and not drive it based on the codex. With an Archon already finished, and a unit of Trueborn Warriors and Raider already waiting to get primed on my desk this will be a fun army to slowly build up one unit at a time. It should be interesting to see what I grab next for this army.....

Other Projects: As for other things like Super Heavies and Terrain, I am thinking of a few things that come to mind I want to try and get done this year. Maybe if I have time I'll finish up a ShadowSword I picked up from a friend before the bunker closed. I'm also thinking of making some chaosy terrain for my armies to showcase them on. I would also love to build another Subjugator titan force my CSM forces. There is also the Escalation League coming up which I need to chose an army to use for. Right now I am thinking of something GREEN!! I'm still unsure if I want to go with it or not, so I will hold my tongue till I am 100% sure. I will be posting about this soon

Well good luck in 2011 with all of your projects and have fun....We've started a whole new year and it's going to be fun as always!

Enjoy! =)