Friday, October 23, 2009

The Wolves Howling at the Gates

This month marked the return of the Space Wolves. After my initial look over them, I was impressed by the new kits, and thought they looked great. So as anyone suffering from the new shinny syndrome, I picked up a Codex and a box of Tactical Wolves for giggles. Having a standard marine tac squad box sitting around doing nothing, it was time to build some Grey Hunter Squads! The models have that cool Chaos Space Marine feel, while at the same time keeping with the whole imperial look. After my initial build was complete, I did a little kit bashing with some CSM bits and it worked out real well for simple conversions.

While I'm not looking to build a whole 10K point army out of these guys, I wanted to put some together and see what I can come up with. Now that the build is finished time for some painting. I am going to try a little bit fun with some Dwarf Bronze and Red Washes from GW, to get a cool red metallic effect. I have chosen to make these guys into Red Wolves, a little known GW marine chapter. The red will be simple enough. I will need to get some metal Ragnar company shoulder pads for the chapter logos, but I think that will be the last thing I do for these squads. I have already primed them and they are waiting in the holding pattern for bronze base coating......Check out some pics pre-priming.

Two chainswords for the price of one!

1st Squad the Slice and Dice squad....

With several plasma pistols, a power weapon, the wolf standard, and a Wulfen marked member, this squad is built for close combat terror.

2nd Squad's Wolf Guard Commander with Chain Ax and CombiMelta....

2nd Squad....Shoot'um Up!

This squad will be built for fire support, with several Melta and Plasma weapons the squad will lay down a hard hitting amount of firepower to take down armor and high toughness units.

Any thoughts on this....Enjoy!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Random Thoughts on 40K and Other Games

So recently I took a break from my full speed rush thru chaos. It's been a year and half since I dove into Chaos and I am still not done, but I can say I easily have 7K of Chaos goodness fully painted and based. This includes Alpha Legion, Alpha Legion IG, Grey Death Legion, and many support elements from other chaos forces. Let me see where I stand with my many projects...

Alpha Legion: Currently I am working on all my troop choices, I have nearly finished my 2nd Chosen squad, and I am going to tackle 30 CSMs, 3 Rhinos, and 1 Predator before the year is out. This will set me with a fully painted and legal Tournament Army.

IG Alpha Legion/LotD: The Legion of the Dragon is nearly finished. I have been a bit burned out by working on so much for the army. I have 1500 points now finished, and I need to get a heavy weapons team, platoon command squad, and another commo- trooper for my 3rd platoon to be finally finished. I also want to get my Penal Legion troopers and Conscripted troopers painted. The goal will be for all that to be done by the end of the year. I still will have bit more to go before this army is tourny legal, but I can continue to build on it.

Grey Death Legion: This army is finished, I can easily field 2500 points, and while I still have a few other units I want to add on like 7 Spawns for fluff, its an army I can work on from time to time. I like the Plague Hulk and Plague Drones but I don't know if I want to invest in so much FW right now. Right now the only thing on my mind about this army is, "Do I want to take it to Armies on Parade next year at Games Day?" If I do, I will get the Drones and Hulk for coolness factor.

Ravenwing: I started the building of the army, and it has gone ok. The problem is I stopped when I got the itch for WHFB. I must work myself into this army once more. It will be a fun side project.

Specialist Games and WHFB: I recently got into a 4 month contest of a Tale of 4 Gamers at the GW Bunker. I got one regiment of Goblins ready for basing. I need to work up to a 2K fully painted and based Orc&Goblins. This on top of random work on my Imperial Aeronautica force, Mordheim Night Goblin force, and Necron BFG Fleet. Ahhhhh so much!

There are a few new additions that have risen in the last 2 weeks. First was a Grey Knights army I got for a good deal, almost 50 GKs, 25 GK Termis, 2 Land Raiders, and few other bits. I like the models a lot, and the price was great. I spent the better part of last week painting a squad, and I'm almost done with the whole squad. I'll post pics soon here. It's also a side project like my Ravenwing, maybe I will tackle a Terminator Squad next for the army. I know the army isn't too competitive, but it looks great. The other new toy was Space Wolves, I broke down and got a codex and a box of tac Wolves. This along with a marine tac box I won in a conversion contest will be the base for another project, the Red Wolves. A little known marine chapter, the Red Wolf project will be small, possibly 1K at most, we'll see.

Well that's where I stand with my most major projects.....I'm hearing rumors that the Dark Angels fortress in Planetstrike might be released in December, and I gotta have it, if the rumors are more work as always! Gotta love this hobby! Heh! Enjoy! ;)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Exploring Renegade BLogs around the Internets

While my log has been active for only a few months, I was keeping the log going on 40KOnline for much longer. I also cruise the internets in search of other great Blogs. On such blog is on Warseer, this log is very large and the author has expanded into other aspects of Chaos, much like myself. I find it an inspiring log, that any would be Renegade Army commander should see and explore at the link below. It's a must see blog…..Enjoy!

Chaos Militia