Thursday, September 24, 2009

Papa Nurgle does it again!

Damn you Nurgle! You keep pulling me back to your sphere of influence! That Plague Hulk is AWESOME!

For those of you who might not know yet....Forge World has done it again...they just posted pics of the their new Plague Hulk engine today. Here!

The machine looks awesome and would fit in my Grey Death Legion perfectly. If your curious about the rules for this beast look HERE! I usually am not in the business of making comments on things I don't own, but I like this one so much I had to put it out there. Even if your not using the FW rules, it makes a great looking Defiler stand in. FW has once again put out an awesome model, and a great looking addition to any Nurgle army.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Gunheads of the LoTD

With the new IG codex, armor has changed a lot for Renegade and Loyalist forces. There is a whole new group of units available to the treadhead in all of us. Since this army was suppose to have some exclusive FW pieces too it when I first began, that has now changed. When I first began last year I had no idea of the Punisher, so I built 2 Exterminators to provide my forces with a lot of firepower to mow down MEQs. With the ability to throw down at least 15 dice a turn in firepower, the exterminators were my choice for taking down troops. The LRMBT with the battlecannon was my other choice for taking on heavy armor. This was going to be my plan originally. The new codex brings with it new variants, and also new rules for the Exterminators. The new rules allow for more dice, and also the ability to add an ace to the force. It also makes the tanks legal for tournaments, and such which is a plus for the army. The rate of fire make the exterminators great gun bunkers for holding my lines down. I also have a manticore conversion kit, which I plan to add to this force in the future.

2 Exterminators with Brass Etched pieces on the hulls, and Alpha Legion logos.

The entire heavy armor force with 2 Exterminators and 1 LRMBT.

As for super heavy support, my vision for the army was to run the opposite of the regular forces. This would mean 1 heavy bolter Malcador, and 2 annihilator type malcadors for the squad. I also have an idea for a "Plague Reaper" tank with a few changes to reflect it not being a Plague Reaper. The Valdor tank also appeals to me for this force. I will slowly gather the super heavy support, for now I have 1 bolter Malcador and 1 annihilator Malcador for the force.

That's all for now....Enjoy!

Conscripts and Cultist

Recently Gav Thorpe posted on his blog about his thoughts on the CSM Codex. Something that stuck with me was the use of lesser daemons and others using other models and reasons for using them. This got me thinking about how the Alpha Legion can use these forces, but not as daemons, just to represent something else. In the past codex the Legion had access to Cultist, which also brought about the use of lesser daemons. This was of course cut out of the current codex. As we know, the legion doesn't use daemons in its armies. I do have a unit of cultist, which I am using as conscripts for my IG Alpha Legion forces. These are the old metal cultist, which I scored 24 of them a while back. I have already begun the work of painting them and I like the look of them. They will fit well as conscripts, charging from outflank when I use my stand in Al'Rahem platoon commander. Now a second use has occurred to me, this one for my CSM Alpha Legion forces. I'm thinking about using them for lesser daemon stand ins, but as an "ambush" mortal unit. The basic idea will be that they are cultist who have set up an ambush or hidden position on the battlefield. When the legion needs them(ie. summoned) they will appear on the battlefield from hiding or launch an ambush. Yes the stats are a little out of place, but again my idea would be that these cultist are crazed or jacked up on some kind of drug that lets them survive outrageous damage. This would also work well for the ambush idea since daemons can assault on the same turn they are summoned.

I've not used daemons much in the past, but the few times I have they do well on the battlefield. Easily one of the best support and counter charge units available to a CSM commander in any game. Now that I have begun work on a Emperors Children force, I got a unit of lesser daemonetts with the force. I also have lots of bloodletter models for when I get around to building a World Eaters force. Nurgle still use metal models, and while it would be nice to have a few units of them I don't have the $$ to spend on metal models, should GW ever make some in plastic they will be part of my Grey Death Legion. I will have to try this out and experiment a little with my Alpha Legion forces in future games.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Mordant "Lucky" 13th Datasheet for Apocalypse

GW is being a bit sneaky this time.....I had to dig thru the site to find this little gem. For those of you who are not familiar with the Lucky 13th campaign, it's a North America/US exclusive campaign. This datasheet was posted on the GW site under the Lucky 13th's area. Here is the link to the PDF, Enjoy!

Col. Jago Kalloween & Company Command Formation

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Alpha Legion Terminators "Hydra Annihilation Force"

The Hydra Annihilation Force is finally complete and ready to deploy! The second part of this summers big push to build up my Alpha Legion forces. This force is large enough to fill every elite slot in a FoC, while at the same time it can also serve as an Apocalypse Chaos Marine Formation, the Terminator Annihilation Force that is featured in Apocalypse Reload. The force has been deployed as an Apocalypse formation once already in a Planetstrike mega battle, where it helped crack and IG defense line and allow CSM force to invade. It was awesome!

Lord Bruticus the commander of the Force leading the charge with his personal retinue, squad Onslaught!

Squad Onslaught

Squad Brawl

Squad Vortex

Teleport Assault on an imperial line....I think the imperials are checking out!

Looking good in Alpha Legion Blue!

The Reaper Autocannon is my weapon of choice.....


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Alpha Legion Raptors "The Red Reavers"

The Red Reavers are my Alpha Legion Raptor Squadron. Marked for Khorne, they get the extra attack from the Icon. Armed with Meltas for fast assault anti-armor role. My Jump Lord is never in a battle without the Reavers in attendance forming his personal retinue. This group was part of my summer push to get more of my Alpha forces finished.

The Bastion is under new management....OURS! Who's next!

The Reavers and The Shredder on attack!

Double Twin Linked Lightning Claws of Death! Slice and Dice!

Squadron Commander

Khrone Icon Bearer

Pistols and Chainswords for all the Raptors....

Melta Armed Raptors

Assaulting an enemy bastion....


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Anarchy's Heart Motor Pool (Part 1)

Welcome aboard to the Anarchy's Heart motor pool. I have begun building the new transports for Arkos Faithless. I had a few older model rhinos in my storage, so along with a lucky buy of some predator parts I began rebuilding them. The Predator was my first try, because I took an idea from BoLS where they modified an old Pred with some new Pred bits. I like the TL Lascannon of the new Pred a lot compared to the older version. So I got my hands on an old Autocannon and attached a new TL lascannon version on it. Since I started with this old rhino for the Pred, I chose to go with old Rhinos for transports. This way the smaller Predator doesn't look too out of place, and I just happened to have enough of them for all my troop choices. I also gave the Rhinos TL bolters on top of the TL Bolters it comes with automatically. I changed up the hatches a bit to reflect the extra firepower. I was lucky enough to have enough bolters to arm two of them with original bolters, the last one will be my 1st squad ride with more modern bolters converted to it. They still fit in so well you can't tell the difference too much. With construction finished...its on to painting!

Close up of the TL Bolter hatches.....

The older autocannon turret was much better looking then the older lascannon turret IMHO.

With a little bit of work I was able to attach the current models battery pack to the back of the turret. The sponsons are also going to be the dragon lascannons of the older Predator, but will be attached later on.

That's all for now...Enjoy!