Sunday, May 17, 2009

Grey Death Legion on the march and Army Voting

Well this was a good weekend for the Grey Death Legion. I was lucky enough to score two games at the bunker, and the GDL came out on top.

GDL vs New IG: This was a basic 2K game, with a modified 2K list for me from my 2250 point list. With one less squad of Plague Marines I faced down the new IG. Kill Points and DoW were our chosen game, and I went 2nd. With a demolisher lurking around in the IG line I was worried of that tank. Although it went my way when he used the search lights on his tanks to light up the two units I had. They made it thru the turn and his tanks were all lit up. This helped when my Obliterators walked in and began to fire off lascannons in return. One Oblit who was on his own, managed to snipe the Demolisher tank and blow it up on turn 1. My opponent also had a Punisher, but I stacked my deployment on the other side of the table from it, and the few units that did face it, often for regular saves and FNP. The game went from that first turn into a flanking action for me as my PMs marched one side and sacked it, taking down combined infantry squads, an Ogryn Squad, some chimeras and two of his three command squads. It was fun game and an interesting taste of the new IG list.

GDL vs Space Wolves: My second game on Saturday, was with another marine army. This game caught the eye of a lot of people, since we both had fully painted armies. That's always fun to watch. This time we went to 2250 points for each army, playing Quarters and Kill Points(AGAIN!). I had a chance to try my tourny list again. This was one of the funnest games I've played in a long while. For the first 2 turns he had me worried, with a massive Blood Claws unit rushing out of a crusader LR into one of my PM Units with my Nurgle Sorcerer it was a big melee. He was laying the beat down for two turns, then everything changed. He had one turn where he made several bad rolls, and gave me a chance to catch up, with T5 marines, that's not good times for the Wolves. Heh Heh Heh! I also kept one PM Squad in reserve, which came in at the right time to smoke one of his Dreads. After that turn the blood claws turn and ran away with his rune lord character. Meanwhile my Predator was trading shots with his LR, and my nurgle obliterators plasma blasted his incoming terminators. I cleared the center of the table and sent a pursuit squad of PMs to keep the wolves running, but some rallied, like the blood claws and one terminator. These Wolves were able to turn back and take out my pursuit squad and so ended the game with the score of 6 GDL and 2 Wolves.

On the online front, Voting has begun on the best IG Army of 40KOnline, so if you like seeing some fully painted IG armies, head over there and get your vote in. We had many more people enter then I expected when I put the contest together. Some great looking armies and conversions.

IG Best Army Voting

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Master of the Ravenwing and Squadron

ZOG!! heh! I've been playing DoW II too much now. Anyways, I'm adding more work to my back log. When the Stompa came out I won a Master of Ravenwing on a Jetbike as a prize at the bunker, and its been sitting on my bookcase alone since then. I grabbed up a Ravenwing battalion box a few weeks ago. While I'm not a fan of some of the splinter marine dex's, I started reading up on this one and it caught my eye, before I tossed the Master box away into a dark corner of closet space. So tonight I began construction of my first marine bike army. I'm a sucker for a fan of a VERY BAD 80's b-movie called MegaForce...about a force of bike riders like the Ravenwing. ARGH! Heh! I'm also thinking about building the Master on his Landspeeder, an armor 14 Landspeeder sounds sweet! I basically built the battalion set bikes and landspeeder in about 3 hours at the bunker tonight, so I'm half way there. I still have to tackle the metal jetbike monster, but I will hold off till I am confident with my paint scheme from the plastics to take a shot at that. So expect some pics of my ravenwing in the near future.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gamesday 2009!

Well Gamesday has come on and gone once more. Another Victorious day for my local club, as we took the trophy for Best Costume this year. It was a blast as always, seeing lots of friends, and checking out all the great events held by both GW and other local clubs. From mid day Friday when we first set up to closing on Saturday afternoon it was a great time of playing games in both 40K and Fantasy, along with TV mania, and throw in some random cool looking models. Enough of this silly ranting...lets begin the show!

While this year it was a recession edition of Gamesday as I would call it, due to budget cuts and the sort. I had been planning to actually get into the GD tournament this year, which was also a major motivation for getting my Grey Death Legion finished last year, it was not to be. GD had no tournament this year, and GW cut back on the size of the event by a lot without the tournament. This along with some other issues in my view, made the club tables and events the more central piece to GD this year. So once I knew there was to be no tournament, I put my effort for GD into our club tables and the sort. Getting hold of some models for the big game, my club helped out in building and painting models for the big game for this and other gamesdays later on.

The Big Game

The two Stompas and the Lucky 13th Shadowsword are coming to a gamesday near you. They began their Gamesday tour at Baltimore, and will continue to tour until they reach Gamesday UK this year. So if you get a chance to play in the big game take them for a test drive!

The Club Banner

Our banner for this year was a little different from last years winner, our road sign. This banner was painted on canvas by one of our club members. The design was voted on by the club as a whole, and he got to work. We didn't take the best banner award this year, but for originality we had the best banner there IMHO.

The Winner Is!

With our hopes dashed by the banner contest the club had a back up plan, The Costume Contest! This years theme for our 40K event was Farsight vs Dark Angels. Our guys had a secret project in the works, which I didn't know about till before GD. Some of our members were cooking up a Tau Firewarrior costume, with lights and a pulse rifle. Plan B worked, because thanks to the crowd we took Best Costume for GD this year. WOO HOO! The amount of people there asking him for photos was unreal. One real funny moment that happen was when one person walked up to the club table and was checking it out, and he nearly jumped out of his skin when the life size firewarrior moved. He was scared out his wits that he thought our costumed member was actually a statue instead of someone in a costume. Heh! Maybe we should have made it a Stealth Suite instead. ;)

Tau vs Space Marines

This year we had 2 tables again, a 40K and Fantasy game event. While I was assigned to the 40K table, I also went and backed up the fantasy game when needed. We played a bit of a grudge match between the forces with an extra long table. Both forces began in the middle with the loser starting on the far table edge and loser pushing for the win. The two forces involved were a true Tau Farsight army with Commander O'shovah present against a mixed Marine Dark Angels army with all DA aspects present. It was a lot of fun running the games. The Fantasy table was running the same kind of mission, except it was Dwarfs against Orcs. WWWAAAGGHHH!!

Ace of Squigs

This year we had to fill some paperwork. It was wacky because we did none of this last year. Well it turned out that a TV show called Ace Of Cakes was going to be at GD filming. I have never seen the show so I couldn't tell you what it was about besides cakes. Although I hear it was a local company, and we all had our guess as to what this cake would be. None of our guesses turned out to be right, it turned out to be a giant red Squig. Heh! Funny and yet cool looking critter. After GD was over the cake was cut and we got our hands on some Prime Squig! YUM that was some good squig!

Da Red Orktober

This years most awesome display IMHO had to go to this monster, Da Red Orktober. It was just awesome! A 40K size Ork Koozer, with tons of guns, crew, and even its own full size Ork Lander. I mean this thing had tons of lighting and awesome effects. For those of you in the market for one of these babies, your in luck, I hear this Koozer is going for the low price of $15K! WWWAAGGHH!!!

Armies on Parade

One of the cool new events this year was Armies on Parade. Where people display their legal armies on cool display boards and the public votes on the best of the best. This year the winner was an Egyptian themed Thousand Sons army, in the first pic here. It was a cool army with lighting effect on all the big monsters of the army. The second pic is one that I had to get a pic of, being the resin addict that I am, and on top of that IG Fanatic, this was an awesome army. Its a full FW Resin Death Korps of Krieg army. All the Infantry was resin DKoK models, and all the tanks were FW tanks with resin upgrades or all resin. It was an awesome sight to see!

Well that covers Gamesday for me this year....I leave all the Rumor mongering to other sites that are experts on such things. I had a blast and that's what it comes down too....Its time to start planning for next year....until then...Enjoy!

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Grey Death Legion

While Arkos Alpha Legion forces are the main reasons for this blog, I can't forget to mention that he has many allies. First among these allies is a band of Nurgle Death Guard CSMs calling themselves the The Grey Death Legion. While I have not had a chance to flesh out the background on this army yet, I will post a few pics of the units and characters of this army. Originally this army was going to be a small side project and ally contingent to my Alpha Legion, but that changed when I got to working on the force, and began to rise the points of the army a model at a time. By the time I had a 1K points painted, I was pulled into Papa Nurgle's grasp, and The Grey Death Legion became my official 40K Tournament Army. This army would also earn me a new nickname "Two Save Dave", thanks to the FNP Rule of the Plague marines, and the fact that my last major army in 40K was a Necron(ResOrb) army I ran during the Medusa V global campaign. Heh! I honestly didn't think about this, till my friends pointed it out to me....Thanks everyone! LOL!

The name of the army came from one of my fave battletech Merc Units. For those of you who know a little about Battletech, I am talking about the infamous Grey Death Legion. Being Death Guard, and having read the recent Heresy books about the DG helped in motivating me as well. So The Grey Death Legion was born, and has continued to grow larger then I had ever imagined. Currently the army consist of 1 Nurgle Daemon Prince, 1 Nurgle Sorcerer, 1 Nurgle Terminator Lord, 55 Plague Marines(Five 11 man squads), two chosen Nurgle Squads, 1 Nurgle Terminator Squad, 1 all Lascannon Predator, 1 unit of Nurgle HB Havocs, and 1 full unit of Nurgle themed Obliterators. The army has blown up and become its own project. My current crowning piece of the army are my kitbashed Nurgle Obliterators. When the new FW Nurgle Ogryns came out last year I was inspired to kitbash them into Obliterators.

The Leaders of this Legion

These are my two currently painted commanders. The Sorcerer is a FW model, and the DP is the metal Nurgle model. FW put out that model just in time when I was considering building the army up in size. Thanks FW! Although recently IMHO I think they dropped the ball with the new FW Daemon Prince......The Terminator Lord is in the process of being painted.

The Elite of Nurgle

Speaking of Terminators, this is my small detachment of Nurgle marked terminators. They are made of older metal terminators with a few conversions. One thing I had a lot of was the reaper autocannon terminators, so I chopped the AC off and converted two of them into Combi-Plasma weapons for two of the terminators. The force also partakes in the apocalypse Terminator Assault formation with my Alpha Legion terminators.

Obliterators of Nurgle

By far the most eye catching unit in the army are these Nurgle themed Obliterators. Made from the FW Nurgle Ogryns, they were lots of fun to build and paint. They along with my regular troops have seen the most action to date, they are just too much fun not to bring out and use to blow tanks or monstrous creatures into little bits.

The Army at 1750 Points

I won't overload this blog with pics of each squad right now, but here is a pic of the entire army last year. This army is twice as large now and crawling into the Apocalypse 3K size now. With 2 more squads of PMs, 2 Chosen units, 1 Predator, and 1 Havoc squad its growing on me more and more.

As for future expansion....I'm not sure yet, but I am liking the look of those new Nurgle Drones from Forge World. Another squad of PMs is slowly building up, filling out all my troop choices for the FoC. I would love to field Chaos Spawns for my FA choices, since they fit this theme perfectly. I've also recently picked up a chaos bike and I'm thinking about building a unit of Nurgle Bikes. As for Apocalypse units, the thought of a Nurgle Plague Tower or Plague Reaper are not far from possible, if I can get some zombies on the cheap and a Typhus model maybe I'll build a Plague of Zombies formation too......Hmmmmm Choices...

Oh well Enjoy!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baltimore Gamesday 2009!

Well the day is right around the corner now. Gamesday Baltimore is coming, and I'll be there with my Club rolling the dice! We plan on having two tables this year, once again in 40K and Fantasy. So stop by and say hi, we have a few new surprises in store for this years GD. I will try and get some pics of the event and post here after I have recovered...Heh! So hope to see all of you there....Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

And so it begins......

The first post and I finally gave in to making my own Blog for my Games Workshop war gaming hobby. For the last year of so, I've been keeping a small blog of my work on 40KOnline, but I wanted to start a true blog of my projects for a while now. I'm not a Golden Daemon painter or builder, but I enjoy this hobby a lot and I have put a lot of time and effort into some of my various projects over the last few years. While I have been in this hobby since I was in middle school(Oh the 80's!) I've only been playing GW games for the better part of 10 years, before that I was mostly into Battletech.

So here we are....and I have chosen to go with creating a blog about my fave Chaos Space Marine legion, the Alpha Legion. Forgeworld was also kind enough to create a Special Character for this legion, Arkos the Faithless a captain in the Alpha Legion. He leads a band of warriors named The Faithless, along with a host of minions as he calls them of followers. With that in mind I began working on an army of minions for Arkos.

Meet Arkos the Faithless
First we have to have The Boss right? So this is my conversion of Arkos the Faithless. Made from various Chaos Marine and regular Space Marine bits, this was a fun project to work on, and one of my first conversions I have ever made for my 40K armies.

Now for some of his Forces!


This is a squad made of older metal Terminators I re-based onto 40MM bases. This is the first of 3 squads of Terminators that I plan on building for my Alpha Legion forces. I also plan to paint up a metal Terminator Lord for the force, and create an Apocalypse size Chaos Annihilation Force formation.


BALTAR! This is Dreadnought Baltar, my first dread for Arkos army. Its the current GW Dread with a Plasma Cannon and Power Claw. It was the first model I attempted the "Scale" look on his carapace, which I later went on and used when I worked on Arkos himself. After seeing the head, I though Cylon and had to work the mono-eye look into this monster. Heh!


After reading the Legion novel of the Horus Heresy books, I was excited about building a "Stealth" Squad for my AL Army. With that thought in mind I went about creating a themed unit of Chosen Chaos Space Marines as my base for the stealth squad. I wanted something a little different and sneaky about these guys, so I took the theme of one of the imperials most shadowy units, the Xeno Hunters Deathwatch. I took that as my color scheme, and also used AL shoulder pads to make them look like a Salamanders space marines to add more "chaos" to this squad of sneaks. I gave this squad the full treatment, with all weapons and gear modeled on each model for a Chosen CSM, along with all the special weapons, while keeping the Deathwatch look of lots of scopes on the guns and silver down one arm as the imperial deathwatch have. This is an older pic, and the squad is already based to the ash waste look that the other forces have on their bases.


This is a force of Chaos Obliterators which I got in a trade and rebuilt them in the color scheme of the Alpha Legion. I painted and modeled them after the Borg from ST:Next Gen. since the legion is not in favor of using chaos daemons and powers often. I thought the Borg/Robot lot fit these old Oblit models very well. These are older smaller models too, so I put the already mounted on 25MM models on larger 40MM round bases to bulk them out a bit more to the current size of base used by current 40K obliterator models.


Finally my two Hellblade raiders. The pride of my force at the moment, 2 FW Fliers which have seen lots of action in the last year since I built and painted them. Most of the time you will see lots of Imperial air forces, and its rare that you see many chaos fliers. I still need to put some work into the bases, but who looks at those when these babies are in the air. Heh! They are one of my fave units to break out and play with in my battles.

Got Cylon Raiders?! ;)

More to come soon! Enjoy!