Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tyranids: Broodlord and Genestealers

We end the month on a rip and shred theme. Genestealers! The iconic elite tyranids of the army. I guess now that I have finished these guys I now have a legal fully painted and based army. Heh! A good size brood of 14 stealers along with a broodlord leading them, this is my second complete troop choice for the army.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tyranids: Biovores

Next comes more heavy support. This time a brood of Biovores, the standard nid long range artillery for a long time now. These guys will give me some much needed ranged firepower against infantry I hope. Both of these are current metal models, but I do have a smaller one from the previous edition that one day I will get around to painting and putting into this brood, for now it's a duet.

Enjoy! =)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tyranids: Zoanthropes

Lets start this week off with a new finished unit for Hive Fleet Eclipse. A new brood of Zoanthropes joins the growing hive fleet. These guys are great anti-armor and fill up one of my elite choices for the army. A very straight and simple paint job that came out well, I experimented a little on the brain part behind the head, with a few reds and purples to get a good mix for the exposed brain. Let me know what you think.

Enjoy! :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Dark Eldar Experiment Continues

Well I finally took a moment to finish off this squad of Dark Eldar Warriors. I think in going back to the codex and looking at what is coming out soon, I might now have an idea of how I want this army to be built. The Venon has caught my eye and I am invisioning a force of Venoms with warriors and some incubi. I got the chance to check out the new venom and build it for a local GW store. I really like the kit and looks fantastic. I am also fired up by the pictures of the new dark eldar jet. It looks fantastic, and I'm thinking of bringing one into my future force already. I hope I get to build it too for the store I hang out at.

This is going to be the future of my eldar army, a 5 warrior squad with a splinter cannon I think. Mounted on a venom it along with the venom weapons will lay down a lot of anti infantry fire.

Here are some extra models that might make a come back in higher points levels perhaps, it was still fun to paint them and try out the paint scheme.

Finally here is the venom I built this past weekend....this skimmer was easy to assemble and looks great.

Enjoy! :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

War Pigs Mercenaries: Alpha Platoon

Say hello to the “The War Pigs!” They will fight on your side for the right price! Originally this was going to be the beginning of a nurgle themed renegade force, but over the last year it has been a slow process of getting this small project off the ground and it has evolved now into a Mercenary army for hire using the new revised renegade army list from ForgeWorld. While the name is not too original it’s a bit of a fun joke to use for the army. I have a ton of very old GW imperial army models looking for a home, and these old vets are going into business for themselves in the 40k universe as a "security" firm. The troops come from all over the galaxy and work for anyone with the credits to pay. This is the first platoon of the army, Alpha Platoon is the a group of rough troops from all kinds of battlefields, armed with heavy bolters and a heavy stubber they are ready to hold the line!

Alpha Command Squad

Alpha Squad 1-1

Alpha Squad 1-2

Enjoy! :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tyranids: Hormagaunt Brood

For my first troop choice to finish I chose this brood of Hormagaunts. Perhaps a must in a nid horde army, the Hormagaunts are the assault troops of the tyranid swarm. With an adrinal gland upgrade they are the equal of my other assaulters in the 40Kverse. I think a unit of 24 should be good for now! Good Forth and SLASH and DICE!

Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tyranids: Screaming Killer Carnifex

Perhaps one of the most iconic monsters in this army that got me thinking about building this army was the Carnifex, and especially this build. The Screaming Killer Carnifex has been around since the first edition of this army, so I had to have at least one of these nasty bugs in my army. I always liked the pose of the original Fex that I tried to make it so with the newer plastic kit here.

Enjoy! :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tyranids: Hive Tyrant & Tyrant Guard

This is the first unit finished of my new nid army I am building and painting. Let's start off with a good ole HQ choice. Nothing says Tyranids like a Tyrant and his Guards, so here he is, the first complete unit of Hive Fleet Eclipse!

The Tyrant

The Tyrant Guard

Enjoy! :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Return of Hive Fleet Eclipse!

Well it’s been a little over a year now that the current Tyranid codex came out. Due to various projects at the time I had to push back the rise of Hive Fleet Eclipse for a while now. If there is one xeno army of all the ones in 40K that I have always wanted to build and paint it was the nids. Mostly because of the Aliens look, but also because it was my 2nd fave army for a long time behind the Guard. For the last 2 editions of the nid codex I have been trying to get a chance to build this army, and with a recent lull in my various hobby projects I have a small window of time to work this army in finally. So I am now giving myself the rest of the year to get a 2K bug army fully painted and based, and I will attempt to get it done along with a few extra bits for fun, and maybe one day when I finish painting all of the bugs I have I’ll treat my army to a Big ForgeWorld Bug surprise. Right now I have a good color scheme that is a slight opposite of the current Hive Fleet Leviathan style with black for the base instead of the bone color. Hive Fleet Eclipse will be a splinter fleet of Leviathan, and the current storyline of the fleet is that it will be in conflict in the Eastern Fringe against the Alpha Legion and its minions. Here is my current inventory off the top of my head, but I know I have a few more units than just these, and more I plan to create.

1 Hive Tyrant
3 Tyrant Guards
1 Malanthrope (ForgeWorld)
2 Lictors (Special Edition from Army Box)
2 Zoanthrope
30 Termagaunts
20 Termagaunts w/spinefist
40 Hormagaunts
1 Broodlord
14 Genestealers
6 Ripper Swarms (ForgeWorld)
3 Warriors
6 Ravener
3 Biovore
1 Carnifex (Screaming Killer Build)
1 Carnifex
1 Trygon (ForgeWorld Possibly to fill the role of a Prime)

I also still have a few other items in boxes that I haven’t had time to open and build. I bought a new Trygon box when it came out, as well as 2 boxed of Gargoyles, I have a few full warrior sprues along with some random warriors around with at least one warrior I plan to convert into a Warrior Prime. I also have the new Space Hulk box with a full inventory of Genestealers and a Broodlord, not to mention a bag full or some of the older plastic stealers. Finally I have some bits from Battle of Macragge box set I plan to use for objective markers, and at least one brood nest terrain piece from ForgeWorld to add something different to the army. It can be said that this army has been slowly building up in the last few years and now the biomass is ready, and the hivemind is waking up to unleash….so prepare for the rise of this Hive Fleet!

The FW Trygon is still the Coolest looking Bug put out there...in my opinion...

Enjoy! :)