Friday, December 31, 2010

What's New At the Anarchy's Heart

As the year rolls to an end, my hobby time has been cut down a lot the last few months. Not to mention I took a break after my workload before Games Day this year. I have been slowly working on things on and off in both my Chaos and Imperial armies. This along with the holidays always slow down my blogging around this time of year. So not a whole lot has been posted recently. I am still working on some new units and a new army in sort of a way. Check it out!

More help from Papa Nurgle is coming soon!

A new addition to my Daemon forces, Tzeench has joined my armies with a unit of Horrors and The Changeling.....This unit has already proven to be a fun one in a few games already, it is earning its place in my forces already, the lord of change has given me a fun unit indeed!

Dark Eldar in the works....a unit of Elite Kabalite Trueborn to go with my new Archon. These new sculpts are really cool looking and fun to build. I also just picked up a new Raider to give these Trueborn a ride. I am also looking at the new Jetbike squadron, the models look real slick! This is going to get expensive....Heh!

As always more is always in the works for the forces of Chaos! I have another CSM Character soon joining my massive CSM forces. Along with him will come lots of spawns, and maybe another Dread. This on top of an Alpha Legion Predator, and some other goodies in store soon. Finally I am working a new army for my forces of Chaos, no not Dark Eldar....something Greener! More to come next year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Enjoy! =)

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