Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dreadnought Baltar!

Baltar is the first dread I put together for my chaos forces. A standard metal Chaos dread armed with a Plasma Cannon, and close combat arm. I'm not a fan of the current chaos dread rules, but again its always a gamble when you put it on the table, especially armed the way this one is. I got him with what he had at the time, and had no other options, but I think the paint job worked out well and he looks great.

Unit Name: Baltar
Quote: "By Your Command"
Type: Dreadnought
History: Baltar the Techmarine was an agent for Alpharius during the heresy. Working on Terra gathering technical and scientific information for the legion, Baltar was present during the great siege of Terra. While Baltar was not on location at the Imperial Palace he was involved in the fighting on the Merican front when the forces of Horus arrived. He fought his way out of the Terra system during the chaos of the siege to rejoin his brothers.

Baltar was gravely injured during the Eskrador campaign against the Ultramarines. Because his injuries were too serious, the apothecaries had no choice but to entomb him in a dreadnought in order to save his life. From this day forward the Techmarine that was Baltar was no more, now he was Dreadnought Baltar.

Fear the Plasma Cannon!

On the attack with the Legion of the Dragon!

The last known engagement Baltar was seen leading.



Anonymous said...

You've got a very crisp, clean style. Must take a steady hand...

On another note--did you design that board? the water looks great on it.

CylonDave said...

Thanks! It took me a little while to get the steady enough hand, but I make a few mistakes, and just repaint it over with more blue.

Another member from the club I am in built that table last year for our Fantasy display at last years Games Day. The guys who put the river together used GW water effects, and it took several layers before they got the effect they wanted on the table.

John Lambshead said...

I concur. The 'decoration' is very neat.

CylonDave said...

There are more pics of the table in my battle report from June of last year. That's where I got the shot of my dread in battle from.