Monday, May 14, 2012

30k Alpha Legion Great Crusade Infiltration Sniper Squad

Returning once again with a new Alpha Legion unit that I did for a club group project. This time we reach back to the Days of Ole when the Alpha Legion was taking part in the Great Crusade, I have put together a 5 man combat squad team of legionaries in the old Alpha Legion colors and logo. Since it's great crusade I thought anything went so instead of the usual codex marine heavy or assault weapons, I gave the squad a sniper rifle as its special weapon. Also the entire squad is armed to the teeth for rear enemy line long range infiltration. The theme of the squad is very much infiltrating, head hunting and causing chaos in the enemy's rear echelon. It was a challenge to free hand the alpha logo since I had never done it before, but once it was finished the whole squad came together real well. With the rumors of a new Chaos codex coming soon I might be returning to my Alpha roots sooner then be ready for the return of the Faithless!