Sunday, January 24, 2010

Reinforcements from the Warp!

My Grey Death Legion grew last month with the addition of 21 plague bearers as lesser daemons. During the last open customer market at the bunker I was able to score two squads of these little buggers in a good deal, along with a greater daemon of Nurgle. The GD is currently being built, but these guys were easy to paint up and ready for tournament use in my army. I've always wanted to field some demonic forces along with my Plague Marine troops, but I never had the right models to use with them. Using other none nurgle models never felt well, and I didn't want to convert something. I was hoping GW would make these guys in plastic soon, but then I got this deal and figured why not and got at least 21 daemons, which I can use in future Codex: Daemon armies if I should ever try that dex out for a test drive. With the ability to assault on the turn they appear on the table, these guys will be an annoying unit for anyone to deal with, and fun for me!

For Grandfather Nurgle!

Guts....Guts...and more Guts!

I'm thinking of the #1.....

Which way did they go....

Nurgle Provides more Plague Foulness to the GDL!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Allies to the Anarchy's Heart

Arkos looked on as the Stormbird finally finished landing and the assault ramp slowly dropped down. "I believe these are the the new allies the High Command informed us of Captain Arkos" The Shredder said as they stood waiting for the envoy to disembark.

"The Markings reminds me of the Slaanesh Subjugator we saw in battle last year." Arkos said quietly. "Perhaps we were being tested then. This should prove to be an interesting alliance."

So after finishing my Subjugator last year, I gave some thought to creating a small Emperor's Children force to go along with my engine of destruction. After a few deals here and there, gathering up some bits online, and getting a cool mounted model for the commander, I began to scheme up this new army. The Subjugator provided the basic paint scheme of this new force. Here is my prototype model, the only one finished so far. I have a mix of both current noise marines and some previous edition ones too I plan to work into a combined force.

This is will be a change from the Grey Death Legion with more expensive models points wise. Noise Marines are the cheapest cult troops in the CSM Dex right now, and I think under-rated in my opinion. A good squad of these guys with noise weapons might be a boost to my regular Alpha marines in a battle, in terms of firepower alone. Along with the marines I have a squad of daemonetts I plan to add on as lesser daemons.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hive Fleet Eclipse Awakens.....

This past weekend marked the return of one of my all time fave armies in 40K, TYRANIDS! When I first began playing 40K the two armies that stood out for me were IG and Tyranids, because of the movie Aliens being my fave movie of all time. Nids are just a fun and crazy change from the usual humans of 40K, be it IG or Marines. Due to my other armies being more of a priority to paint, I haven't given my bugs that much paint time. I just enjoy gaming with this army for the most part.

The new Codex is just awesome, the new background is cool to read. To read up on a Nid vs Necron battle is killer cool! Some of the Ork, Chaos Forces and even Daemonic forces under siege by these buggy monster was awesome to read about. The new characters and units now available have really spruced up this army a lot. Not to mention all the conversion ideas that are now floating about. Along with picking up a codex I grabbed up 2 boxes of the new Gargoyles, and a new Trygon. The models are some of the best and most unique product put out by GW. I have already built one box of Gargoyles and they look fantastic! My rolling horde of gaunts will be seeing time on the table soon once I digest this new codex. Can you tell I'm excited....

My own creation Hive Fleet Eclipse will be awakening once more to devour all in its path again.

A Tyrant of the Hive Fleet

The Hive Fleet prepares to assault!

The FW Trygon is the Coolest looking Bug put out my opinion...


Facing Blood Angels.....

Fighting Orks!

Destroying Raven Guard marines......

Devouring Imperial Forces.....


Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Greetings from Eskrador....Wish you were here!"

Among the few the things I got finished over the holidays was this battlescape terrain. I'm usually not an owner of a lot of terrain simply because I have an entire GW Battle Bunker down the road from my place where I can play with tons of terrain there, but sometimes a cool piece will catch my eye. This one was one of those, and I grabbed it up when it came out. I finally got around to finishing the work I started a few months ago, and here are the results. Now it's time to have some fun with the camera and some models, to show it off a bit.

The trees are all pinned to the terrain for ease of transport, and one of the sticking points for me for a while was what would the Rhino be painted. So this one goes out to all of those Ultramarine players out there. Heh Heh Heh! The Alpha Legion is here......

Lord Bruticus and Onslaught Squad Photo Opt....

Will the owner of the Blue Rhino in Lot 4U be aware.....Your doors are open....

Enjoy the Pics!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dreadnought Baltar!

Baltar is the first dread I put together for my chaos forces. A standard metal Chaos dread armed with a Plasma Cannon, and close combat arm. I'm not a fan of the current chaos dread rules, but again its always a gamble when you put it on the table, especially armed the way this one is. I got him with what he had at the time, and had no other options, but I think the paint job worked out well and he looks great.

Unit Name: Baltar
Quote: "By Your Command"
Type: Dreadnought
History: Baltar the Techmarine was an agent for Alpharius during the heresy. Working on Terra gathering technical and scientific information for the legion, Baltar was present during the great siege of Terra. While Baltar was not on location at the Imperial Palace he was involved in the fighting on the Merican front when the forces of Horus arrived. He fought his way out of the Terra system during the chaos of the siege to rejoin his brothers.

Baltar was gravely injured during the Eskrador campaign against the Ultramarines. Because his injuries were too serious, the apothecaries had no choice but to entomb him in a dreadnought in order to save his life. From this day forward the Techmarine that was Baltar was no more, now he was Dreadnought Baltar.

Fear the Plasma Cannon!

On the attack with the Legion of the Dragon!

The last known engagement Baltar was seen leading.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Alpha Legion 2010

Arkos made his way out of the conference room, as Lord Bruticus joined him. "Well my lord has the high command given us new orders?"

"Yes Bruticus, inform our command to begin preparing for departure. We will be setting course for the Eastern Fringe, the High Command has given us orders to make contact with a group of humans in the eastern fringe who are not influenced by the Imperium." Arkos said.

"We get to battle the local Xeno filth?" Bruticus asked aware of his last posting in the fringe when he lost a lot of brothers to the Tyranid threat.

"Of course, and Emperor loving fools as well. Here are some profiles on the enemy forces we might meet." handing the data slate to Bruticus and continuing to his personal shuttle.

Well first off....Happy New Year and Decade to all.....The Anarchy's Heart is once more setting off on a new year! While on break I took the time to work on a few surprises for all to check out. On top of relaxing and reading up on Dark Creed, which was a great book even if it is about Word Bearer scum. I seriously suggest the trilogy of books if you want to read up on some good ole Chaos fluff.

Anyways on to matters at hand. The blog is officially back online! I got some terrain finished and more Chaos minions painted as well, so its not all about my Grey Knights as some have asked me. Heh! The local battle bunker had a garage type sale where customers sold lots of their old stuff off and I got some good chaos deals, especially for the Grey Death Legion. I will be posting more here soon. I'm also working on a lot of my Legion of Dragon IG forces now. I'm coming up on 2 years into my dive into chaos and I want to have at least 2K of that army finished before then. I also have plans to work on more of my Titans and Grey Knights. This year will be more laid back and mostly doing what I want to do, then building up a new army. Nids and Tomb Kings are both getting new codex and they are some armies that really interest me. Also I'm hearing rumblings of a new WHFB Core Rules coming out later in the year, so I might get motivated to work on my Orcs and Goblins full time finally. So there is a lot out there to catch my usual New Shiney Syndrome working.

On the club front, this past December we put in an order with Chessex and got some real cool custom dice made of the club logo. Check these out! Our logo is on the #1 of course. We're also planning on making our yearly trek to Games Day this year, and our master plan to take over all is in the works once more.

The two proposed designs, we voted for the left one with the Road Sign look....

Finally here is a cool piece of fiction I created a few years ago for 40K which has finally resurfaced on 40KOnline. My fave IG army of course are Praetorians, so a few years ago I created my own guard background for my Praetorian regiment. The article is once more back up and edited for showing there. As a fan of Zulu, Zulu Dawn, and the Sharpe Books, I took a few ideas from that into my regiments background. After all who doesn't like Guardsmen with Pith Helmets and Lasguns!

13th Praetorian Guard