Sunday, August 2, 2009

Alpha Legion Leadership Profile

The Battle Barge Anarchy's Heart is not only home to Captain Arkos "The Faithless", but also several other lesser warbands that work together in achieving the High Commands orders. Two of these warbands are lead by two other Lords subordinate to Arkos the Faithless.

Commanders Codename: The Shredder
Warband: The Red Reavers
History: The warband has a history of fast hit and run raids in the past. Attrition's due to combat losses has reduced this company down to a few squads of Raptors. Most of the members of the Reavers are also followers of Khorne. Some have even gone ahead and pledged their allegiance to Khorne, and supporting the Alpha Legion in its operations at the same time. Arkos has put these Raptors to good use in the past missions along with his own forces, applying the Alpha Legion combat doctrine of attacking from all directions. The Shredder is not a follower of Khorne although he doesn't discourage it of his troops. Shredder is a very aggressive and headstrong leader, often leading the charge into battle ahead of other Alpha Legion forces. He will often seek out enemy leaders and challenge them one on one.

Commander Codename: Lord Bruticus
Warband: Hydra Annihilation Force
History: Commander Bruticus was once a system lord of an Alpha Legion outpost system in the eastern fringe. This all ended when a Tyranid splinter fleet entered the sector where the system was located. The forces under his command were too few to stop the nid fleet from destroying the outpost and the city located there. His forces along with several Legion of the Dragon regiments fought a holding action while the system was evacuated. Afterwards Bruticus along with the last remains of his forces were reassigned to help Captain Arkos on the Anarchy's Heart. Arkos has seen fit to grant the commander the position of Master of the Barge, commanding all security operations on board the barge, and also serving as the reserve force and boarding force for the Anarchy's Heart. The Hydra Annihilation Force are an elite strike force of several Terminator Squads kept in reserve as a mailed fist should Akros have need of such shock troops. Bruticus leads his troops into battle often teleporting into the thick of the enemies defenses, with his mysterious green power blade he named "Hydra's Bite", the force is an army onto itself.

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WarpWhisperer said...

Hey; some pics I haven't seen before! ;) Looking good. :)

I can see the base more clearly on your Termi-lord now.

Is that a TMNT reference on your jump-pack lord? (If not, it probably is now!)

CylonDave said...

The Termi Lord actually stand very well on the base for a metal model. I didn't have to make too many major adjustments to it. As for the Jump Lord....heh heh heh! Yes It's a TMNT reference ;)