Sunday, November 1, 2009

Necrons Rising out of their Tombs

It's the day after Halloween, but last month I got into the whole spirit of old dead things by breaking out my oldest fully painted 40K army. The Phalanx of the Bronze face was my first dive into building a fully painted army for 40K. Before then I would just paint the random model for fun, while still playing casually with all my models. This gave me a chance to go back and finish some bases and also to finish some units that were half finished when they returned to their eternal slumber after the Medusa V Global Campaign. It was fun digging thru this stuff again, and has me thinking about using this army once more in the tournament scene. Yes Necrons are perhaps the worse army in existence right now in 5th Edition, but my mind is grinding the gears on a fun idea. For now I will continue to slowly work on this army and bring all the other stuff I have for it to the status of fully painted and based. Perhaps one of the rarest things this army has that none of my others do is a fully painted Battle Fleet Gothic fleet as well. When I recently got into BFG in the last few years I wanted to play with a fleet not seen too often, with everyone else running about in Imperial or Marine ships. So along with the ground upgrades I have been working to get my BFG up to par with a Necron Raider Fleet. Perhaps in the future I will be posting BFG battle reports here too....

Commanders Codename: Lord Axalon
Phalanx: Phalanx of the Bronze Face
History: The phalanx was first recorded by imperial force during the famous Medusa V campaign. The forces of the 13th Praetorian Guard ran into the Phalanx while making a troop reinforcement run to Medusa V. During the chase the Phalanx was lost in all the chaos at the time, until they rose once more on Medusa V in the thick of the fighting. Imperial forces were surprised at the resilience of these Necrons and the numbers rising to combat whole imperial divisions during the campaign. Imperial command put out a call for the capture of one of these necrons to study why these particular necrons were so hard to kill and keep down. It is unknown if this study was concluded, because of all the chaos in the final days of the Medusa V evacuation. One thing is known, no more sightings of this army have been seeing since those dark days, but rumors exist of a raider fleet roaming space matching this necron force, we may not have seen the last of this army yet.

We Are Legion!

Two old Lords I got already painted, I call them my Disco Lords due to the flashy colors. Backed up by older Warriors and converted Scarab Swarms of old Scarabs. The Disco Lords are not done growing.

One of Lord Axalon's newer minions. This lord leads the Phalanx more newer models into battle. Backed up by a retinue of Pariahs and many Warriors, Immortals, and Scarabs to lead into battle.

I'm hooked on the fun factor of Wraiths since I had a whole unit when I first got a necron army, and used them often. Add a necron Destroyer Lord, and unleash the speed and pain!

A Full Necron Raider Fleet!

A Necron Base Star! Ok....a Necron Tomb Ship...Heh!

The Harvester.....Every good necron fleet needs a few of these....

Hope you enjoyed this little blast from the past..... ;)

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