Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chaos Apocalypse!

last week GW did a feature on Apocalypse and armies people in the company owned. This got me thinking that I have never done a photo shoot of all my ready units in my chaos army. Chaos Renegades, Chaos Space Marines, and Chaos Daemons, I have never combined the entire mess into one whole army in all the years I have been painting and playing Chaos. Well today I corrected that little problem, as I broke out everything that was at least fully painted, based, and legal for an Apocalypse style army. I didn't bother with making formations, although I am sure some formation or two are in there. Oddly enough only one chaos power is not present in my army at the moment, can you guess who!? The army nearly took all the space on my dining room table, and even if I finished some of my half complete projects I don't know if I will have space for more on this table....Hmmmm...looks like I need a bigger table! ;)

Give or take a few points....Your looking at 9500 to 10K worth of Chaos on the table! Who's up for a 20K Game!

Daemons on the Flanks!

Renegades make up the central Core of this army!

Flesh Hounds on patrol....

Chaos Space Marines leading the charge!

Enjoy! :)


Extrac32 said...

Very nice, reminds me of all the chaos i have to paint or repaint :( lol.

CylonDave said...

My imperial forces are sorely lacking compared to this army. I need to repaint a lot more of my Imps then any of my other armies.

Warhammer said...

thats a lot of 40k miniatures lol