Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Alpha Legion Terminators "Hydra Annihilation Force"

The Hydra Annihilation Force is finally complete and ready to deploy! The second part of this summers big push to build up my Alpha Legion forces. This force is large enough to fill every elite slot in a FoC, while at the same time it can also serve as an Apocalypse Chaos Marine Formation, the Terminator Annihilation Force that is featured in Apocalypse Reload. The force has been deployed as an Apocalypse formation once already in a Planetstrike mega battle, where it helped crack and IG defense line and allow CSM force to invade. It was awesome!

Lord Bruticus the commander of the Force leading the charge with his personal retinue, squad Onslaught!

Squad Onslaught

Squad Brawl

Squad Vortex

Teleport Assault on an imperial line....I think the imperials are checking out!

Looking good in Alpha Legion Blue!

The Reaper Autocannon is my weapon of choice.....


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