Friday, February 12, 2010

Alpha Legion Chosen/Stealth Squad

The Governor stood up as the marine captain and his second entered the office "Welcome heroes of the imperium, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our world." He said
The Captain looked at the Governor and nodded as he looked around and the office "I am Captain Galen of his most glorious Inquisition, Ordo Xeno and we are here to assist the local forces with your current xeno problem." He said
The Governor nodded "Yes, a new Hive Fleet has begun to assault our sector, segmentum command has begun mobilizing the local forces, but it's going to take some time, and our PDF is preparing for a possible invasion, Hive Fleet Hydra they are calling it."
"Our Salamander Chapter forces will soon follow I expect, for now we will begin making plans to hold out."
The Alpha Legion commander grinned as he looked at the Governor.

One of the things that seem to fit the Alpha Legion style was sneaking troops and using them to flank your enemies. With the current codex the one unit that excels at this are Chosen Chaos Marines. They are an elite choice, so your limited to 3 units in the FoC, but still this unit has Alpha Legion written all over it. You can pack a lot of firepower into this unit and cause major mayhem with them once they outflank your enemy forces. Arkos chosen were notorious in the Vraks campaign for landing behind enemy lines disguised as space marines and crossing the lines into rebel territory to join their master. Legion also had a unit called Stealth Marines, that were elite Alpha Legion marines who used stealth to strike from unexpected directions. These two examples inspired me to build my own variant of the Stealth Marines in disguise, I took the Chosen Marine entry and built a squad to look like a unit of Ordo Xeno Deathwatch Salamander Marines. I broke out all the bits for this squad and armed them with everything Chosen marines are armed with, and keeping them in the guise of Loyalist marines.

Commanders Codename: Commander Galen "Black Knight"
Unit Name: Stealth Squad RX-79
Type: Arkos Elite Chosen
History: Known for their skills in stealth and disguise squad RX-79 has conducted many infiltration missions behind enemy lines with success. Commander Galen has built a core of troops who have trained and fought together for so long that each marine knows his brothers move before they are made some times. Galen often will employ the disguise of the Ordo Xeno Deathwatch, because its a lesser known branch of the inquisition orders, while applying the authority it comes with to get behind enemy lines and accomplish their mission without giving themselves away to the enemy. The Salamander Chapter has for a long time known of this unit, but has had little luck tracking them down and wiping them out for all the offense they have cause in their name.

Compared to REAL Deathwatch marines, what do you think?

Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1st Stormtrooper Squad finished!

So here are the final results of my fist Stormtrooper squad. I’m considering adding some special weapons to the team in the future, possibly some Meltaguns or Plasma guns. I will also add on to the squad with a Rhino later on, for now they are walking along with the other grey knights.

Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The To Do List for 2010

Well it's time to sit back and take stock of where I stand and where I am going. Being the beginning of the year it’s a good time to make a fun To Do List of my most wanted projects to finish. March is rolling around soon, and this will mark 2 years since I took the dive into Chaos, and slowly I'm getting close to the magical 10K number of fully painted and based points. So many projects and so little time, but this is the battle plan, at least till the middle of the year when I will cook up a new To Do list to focus on. Of course this is never solid, as other things are bound to step in and take priority. The biggest issue right now is what I will be doing for our club to help out with in this year’s Games Day event. If I can finish at least half of this list victory will be MINE!


- Finish Rebel Conscripts
- Finish Rebel Marbo
- Finish Rebel 3rd Platoon
- Finish Rebel Penal Legion

Aeronautica Imp
- Finish Eldar AI
- Finish Imperial AI

Alpha Legion
- Finish Furies
- Finish 2nd Alpha Chosen
- Finish AL Troops and Rhinos
- Finish AL Pred

- Finish Spawns
- Finish 2nd Grey Death Chosen

Grey Knights
- Finish GK Squad Blue
- Finish GK Dread
- Finish ST Rhino
- Finish 2nd ST Squad and Rhino

Red Wolves
- Finish 2 Grey Hunter Squads

- Finish Noise marines

- Finish Destoryers
- Finish Flayed Ones
- Finish Scarab Swarm
- Finish Addtional Necron BFG Ships


- Finish Goobo Regiment
- Finish Trolls
- Finish Fanatics

- Finish Fortress
- Finish Entrenchment
- Finish Crashed Aquila
- Finish Chaos Display Board