Sunday, September 6, 2009

Alpha Legion Raptors "The Red Reavers"

The Red Reavers are my Alpha Legion Raptor Squadron. Marked for Khorne, they get the extra attack from the Icon. Armed with Meltas for fast assault anti-armor role. My Jump Lord is never in a battle without the Reavers in attendance forming his personal retinue. This group was part of my summer push to get more of my Alpha forces finished.

The Bastion is under new management....OURS! Who's next!

The Reavers and The Shredder on attack!

Double Twin Linked Lightning Claws of Death! Slice and Dice!

Squadron Commander

Khrone Icon Bearer

Pistols and Chainswords for all the Raptors....

Melta Armed Raptors

Assaulting an enemy bastion....



John Lambshead said...

An interesting paint scheme,

CylonDave said...

Thanks! I tried to mix a bit of Khorne with my standard Alpah Legion scheme, since they are allied with Khorne somewhat.