Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alpha Legion Lesser Daemons

Arkos looked over at his commander "If it comes to a crisis point we can always call on our brothers from beyond."
Lord Bruticus shook his head "My terminators are more then enough for this xeno scum, we don't need to disturb our fallen brothers."
The Shredder grinned "I say do it now Arkos, the more options we have for attack."
Arkos shook his head "Now where is the challenge in that if we call in all our forces to strike, we will use only what we need to win this battle, it has always been our way of battle in the Alpha Legion."

Daemons are an almost unknown in all of the Alpha Legions battle doctrines, although as part of the codex it is an option to all chaos forces. Last year I got my hands on a box of the metal Chaos Furies Daemons when I picked up my Plague Bearers. So what to do with these guys, I can't even use them in the Daemons Codex really, so I though about using the squad as an additional unit for the Alpha Legion, more so for looks since its rare that I employ such units for the army. It didn't take me long to paint them up and I added a little green to link them with the Legion.

The Green gives them a little bit of a Dragon look.

Don't really care for the models pose, but I did what I could...


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Ineptus Astartes Forum

The main local club I belong to has now opened up a new forum with its own URL location. In the past we have used Yahoo groups as our main site on the net, but as we expand and add more active members the Yahoo site is just too restricting. So check it out and jump in on the discussions or just check out the new site.

Ineptus Astartes Club Forum


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ineptus Astartes Club Battle

Another Game Day has come and gone this past weekend, and a good time was had by all. I was a little late to the battle, but I did bring my digital camera this time, and got lots of pics of all the action. I wasn't sure how big the battle way, but I'll guess it was easily somewhere around 6-7K. I only was able to deploy 1050 points of the Grey Death Legion. I didn't deploy a whole lot for the points, but I still got my new lesser daemons into the battle, as well as trying out a greater daemon. I really need to get on top of finishing my greater daemon, my prince wants to go back to being a daemon prince I think. Anyways, the mission was kill points throw down. we had one new member attend and wouldn't you know a new army hit the table, we finally got a Eldar player in the club who is willing to admit it. He took a beating for the first 2 turns and held out much better then me that's for sure. I was tabled and cleaned out by the time the games end came around. I guess that comes with being an assaulty type nurgle player. Alright then, lets check out some of the action!

Who forgot to tell those Striking Scorpions Vulkan was in the house...Ouch!

Are those Eldar I see! WOW!

Ah! The Reven Guard has arrived...although this was after they lost all their Rhinos to Dark Lances....

Raven Guard and Salamander Chapy's rough combo!

Now that is a real Daemon Prince your seeing there.....

No those are not Grey Death Legion...they are some other Legion...

Even the Guard was invited to this throw down....Oh well...

That's not a Prince, but a Greater Daemon, and Necrosis was present. He went one vs one with Shrike and they both knocked each other out, Force Weapon vs Lightning Claws = Double KO!

That's what I call a swamp...Saly Marines...Raven Guard Scouts...Eldar...and Grey Death Legion! Oh My!

My Lesser Daemons arrived! Then proceeded to rout some guard!

Not much left after my forces were wiped out of the table.....


Monday, March 1, 2010

Expanding My Blog Empire

Well it’s a new month, and I am expanding my internet Empire! Recently I’ve been posting a lot of imperial content on the blog, and with the addition of the Grey Knights last year it’s gotten larger. So now that this site has grown and gotten establish, I am expanding to add a new Blog. This blog will cover my many Imperial Projects, including such things as Titans, Aeronautica Imperialis, and even some xenos like Eldar. Since I will be very involved in my Club’s GamesDay 2010 project this year for the imperial side, I thought I would take that work to that site as well.

The site is going to be primarily an Imperial Guard site, since that is my most active of my imperial forces. The theme of the site will be the Rynn’s World conflict between Orks vs Imperials. This will also include my Crimson Fist space marines, and my older Rynn’s World Heavy Guard, that will be turning into the Rynnsguard IG Force. Inspired by the recent Rynn’s World novel as background this site will be a counter to the Anarchy’s Heart. As always enjoy and comment a lot! Thanks!

Check out my New Imperial Blog!
Rynnsguard HQ