Thursday, March 24, 2011

Escalation League: 2K Points, Final Round!!

As the final round of the escalation league is about to begin, it’s time once again to up the points by 500 points and bring the army into its final version. In my mission to learn about this army, even at 2K I have averted from breaking down and adding a Special Character. I have enjoyed using the basic units available to me and when this is all over I will still have a few characters I can draw from to make this army even more effective. So now that we have reached 2K I have chosen to add 2 more units to the army and one of these units will bring in the final aspect of the chaos gods. The first new unit is a Slaanesh Daemonett unit, the last of the chaos gods to be represented in my army the daemonettes are a fast and deadly unit of close combat hitters, I have upgraded them with an icon to help bring in the other units and also to even out my number of icons in the army so both halves of my army are well covered when deepstriking. The next new unit is a Khorne Daemon Prince, the 3rd monstrous creature in the army; this guy is built for close combat terror! Oddly enough he is also armed with one of the few shooting attacks in my army, the deathstrike attack is a heavy assault attack he can make, add to that the ability to flight and he has some distance that will help him catch his enemy for assaults. In addition to the new units the other units in the army have been fleshed out a little more with more powers and abilities to make them even nastier. The tzeentch herald gained a few new powers to make it more effective, the flesh hounds are now up to my max models count that I have finished, making then a big cavalry counter attack unit. The greater daemon got an instrument upgrade, mostly because I had the spare points. The rest of the army works well enough and didn’t need any more upgrades. So all the chaos powers now have a hand in this army, we shall see how they all work together in the coming games!

Chaos Daemon Legion
Total: 1996 Points


Greater Daemon of Nurgle (+Unholy Might +Cloud +Instrument)

Herald of Tzeentch (+Icon +Bolt of Tzeentch +Master of Sorcery)
Herald of Nurgle (+Icon +Cloud +Noxious Touch)


Troop 1
10 Pink Horrors (+Bolt of Tzeentch)

Troop 2
10 Bloodletters (+Icon)

Troop 3
16 Bloodletters

Troop 4
15 Plaguebearers (+Noxious Touch)

Troop 5
10 Daemonettes (+Icon)

Fast Attack

14 Flesh Hounds

Heavy Support

Daemon Prince (+Iron Hide +Mark of Nurgle +Cloud +Noxious Touch)

Daemon Prince (+Flight +Iron Hide +Unholy Might +Mark of Khorne +Deathstrike)

Enjoy! :)

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