Sunday, March 6, 2011

Escalation League: 1500 Points, Round 3 FIGHT!!

Last week began the 1500 point round of the league. Week 4 was a open week to make up games, with weeks 5 and 6 being set aside for this points level. As you can see by the picture below my display board is getting a bit crowded. I chose to fill out my troop choices a little more, the nurgle troops got a bit fatter to help with supporting the herald. I also brought in a new unit of bloodletters to bring more nasty power weapon death to the army. Now that I am going into higher points I am going to see more armor, so its time to bring in the heavy hitters of the army in the form or a Daemon Prince and Greater Daemon of Nurgle. This was a good choice since the first game in this level is going to be against Imperial Guard. Still no major upgrades for the big guys, but we can wait for the 2K range to build them up to a proper force to be reckon. Well here I go again, wish me luck! See you on the other side!

Chaos Daemon Legion
Total: 1496 Points


Greater Daemon of Nurgle (+Unholy Might +Cloud)

Herald of Tzeentch (+Icon)
Herald of Nurgle (+Icon +Cloud)


Troop 1
10 Pink Horrors (+Bolt of Tzeentch)

Troop 2
10 Bloodletters

Troop 3
16 Bloodletters

Troop 4
15 Plaguebearers (+Noxious Touch)

Fast Attack

10 Flesh Hounds

Heavy Support

Daemon Prince (+Iron Hide +Mark of Nurgle +Cloud +Noxious Touch)

Enjoy! =)

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