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W5 Escalation League Battle Report: Daemons vs IG

Week 5 starts another points level for the league, with week 4 being left as an open week for make up games I took some time to work on painting my army a little more. Now to my surprise I am facing another army, this time the Imperial Guard come out to play. With another random mission scheduled from the main rulebook again, I once again am playing a loot counters battle with no less then a full 5 counters again, lots of terrain to take, but I have more points to build the army up for its mission this time.......Lets take a look...

Points: 1500 Points Per Player
Mission: Loot Counters (5)
Set Up: Pitched Battle

The Armies:

Chaos Daemons-
1500 Points of daemons and I am slowly getting the army up to a point where they are even more effective and nastier with each game. This time around I bring in the big guys as a Greater Daemon of Nurgle and Nurgle Daemon Prince join the ranks. Meanwhile the other units already in the army get built up a bit more and get a few useful upgrades which will come in handy.

Imperial Guard-
The pride of Catachan have left the jungle to come out and play with my daemons. Guard are not an unknown army to, since they are perhaps my #1 army choice of mine so I have an advantage of what they can do on the battlefield. With Straken leading his fellow Catachans into battle, this army is another special character enhanced force which will prove to be a challenge. At first I am seeing a lot of armor come out, with an Executioner, Demolisher, and Hellhound on the table that is a lot of firepower and high armor to deal with. I am glad I had the points for my 2 new monstrous creatures to join my force just in time!

Deployment and Terrain:

I allowed my opponent to roll for the number of terrain pieces this time since he rolled for deployment type. To my luck he rolled only 1 piece of terrain for each of us, another open battlefield, how lucky for me! The table was fairly empty with lots of open ground to move and shoot thru. Pitched battle was the deployment of choice this time, so lets see all that sweet guard armor on the table! A Hellhound, Executioner, and Demolisher rolled onto the table edge. Straken also rolls on in his own personal chimera command tank. Along with the armor a platoon of Catachans with special weapons squads, and mortar squad are deployed. A small unit of Rattlings also made a scout move onto the table into a near by building to snipe from. Finally a veteran squad will also deploy as a second troop choice for the army, the guard were ready to do battle.  I rolled to see how the gods were feeling tonight, the two heralds with units of Horrors and Plaguebearers for retinues,along with the 2 big guys were my choice units to drop since both heralds had icons to help deep strike. To the pleasure of the Gods, they were on my side that day. Everything else which accounted for most of my Khorne strike force would be in reserve.

Turn 1

Imperial Guard- The guard chose to go first, and I failed to grab the chance to go first. The guard make a mad dash for the loot counters near by. With both battle tanks covering the flanks the infantry moved out to take and hold the objectives on the table.

Daemons- Enter the Daemons! With the guard spread out so far my strategy this time was to attack one flank and roll up the army, while taking down as many of his troop choices as I could get my troops to assault. He low number of troops was an area I planned to exploit. So I dropped most of my force in the middle of the biggest concentration of infantry, I wasn't scared of getting stuck in with them, especially the nurgle troops. Meanwhile the Greater Daemon had a mission to break the tank on this flank and bust open the area to all kinds of chaos! The Prince was there for back up and to attack targets of opportunities. The only unit that didn' come down near the others was my Tzeentch squad that was out to hunt an enemy troops squad. After a turn of firing from the horrors that squad was wiped out, and the objective was free for the taking!

Turn 2

Imperial Guard- Turn two and the guard strike back! The Demolisher has to take down that Greater Daemon NOW! So it will unload everything into that monster causing 2 wounds on the daemon. Thanks to first rank, second rank orders the infantry squad unloads on the plaguebearers and take down a few of daemons in the fire fight. The Prince takes his share of fire but survives the storm to take his revenge on the guard later on. Finally the Tzeentch forces take the brunt of the guard wrath as the remaining squads unload on the unit, thanks to some crazy saves it take all that firepower to take down the squad and herald saving my other daemons from taking any further damage.

Daemons- Turn 2 brings in some of my reserve Khorne forces, as the Flesh Hounds drop thanks to the nurgle herald, meanwhile a squad on Bloodletters drop near a far off objective and hold the line there. The khorne forces take this time to spread out and prepare for the next turn to assault. With the turn on my nurgle forces rush into attack moving out to attack various forces. The Greater Daemon turns on the demolisher that didn't move this turn, blowing up the tank in the process, the resulting explosion taking down some of the guard beside the tank. The nurgle herald broke off and assaulted the squad next to the tank with the explosion helping to cut down the numbers of the guard squad for close combat. The results caused the battle to end in a draw. Meanwhile the plaguebearers rush into the building and launch and assault on a guard heavy weapons squad and special weapons squad. The resulting battle ends with both guard squads running for their lives from the demonic assault and the nurgle infantry taking another objective. Finally the Daemon Prince runs thru the building and comes out on the other side to assault the Hellhound, smashing it as well since it didn't move this turn either. Two tanks down the guard took a heavy hit this turn, and I took 2 objectives in the process!

Turn 3

Imperial Guard- Straken Strikes back! This turn will see the guard leader jump into the action, moving to support the few guard units still fighting on the flank he rolls into the fray to rally his forces. The heavy weapons squad runs off the table, but the special weapons squad is able to rally thanks to the Get Back In The Fight order from Straken. Meanwhile the main objective of the guard firepower this time is the daemon prince, taking fire from the opposite flank where the last russ tank is waiting and holding the line. Taking some wounds in the process the prince makes it thru the fire. Meanwhile the nurgle herald wins his combat with the infantry squad but he lets them get away. The unit makes a mad dash for the table edge.

Daemons- The tide is turning in the daemons favor now. The last unit of Bloodletters chose to stay out of the fight for another turn. Meanwhile the other units rush to attack, the greater daemon turns on the platoon command squad assaulting the squad and make quick work of the squad, then it turns to yell BOO! at the retreating infantry squad. The herald makes dash for the rallied special weapons squad, catching them in close combat but resulting in a draw. The flesh hounds climb the building to take care of those pesky rattlings. The plaguebearers and bloodletters stay where they are and hold the objectives. Finally the prince makes a mad dash for the Strakenmobile, resulting in only shaking the tank. The turn helped me clean up my flank and establish my battle lines for sure now.

Turn 4

Imperial Guard- BOO! See you later troopers, as the infantry squad that had fought the herald ran off the table to fight another day. Meanwhile the Strakenmobile rolled away from the prince who was now front and center to take everything shooting from the guards last few units. BOOM! BANG! FLASH! The prince is sent packing home back to the warp thanks to some good guard shooting. The nurgle herald continues to hold the special weapons squad at bay as the guard win this round but the herald sticks around for more combat.

Daemons- Reinforcements time! I was a bit ballsy with this unit since I just about have the game. I chose to drop a 16 man bloodletter squad in an open area in front of the guard lines, to take an open objective, I figured the guard couldn't blast enough of the bloodletters. Meanwhile the greater daemon moved to support its little brother herald dealing with the guard squad. The flesh hounds begin making their way out of the building to get ready for another strike.

Turn 5

Imperial Guard- FIRE!! Was the word of the day as the guard turned every weapon it still had on the newly arrived bloodletters. After tons of guard weapons unloading only 3 bloodletters had survived the onslaught. Meanwhile the herald finally cause a wound on the squad it was locked with, but the unit still holds and passes its leadership.

Daemons- Time to clean up and take the last of the objectives. The greater daemon finally makes the close combat near by and wrecks the guardsmen in the process. The damaged bloodletter squad makes a dash for the open objective and take it. Finally the flesh hounds catch the Strakenmobile and blow it up in the close combat rush, causing the hounds to take a few losses of their own, but Straken is now walking home and he also took a few casualties in the explosion! At the end of the turn I let my opponent roll to see if another turn would needed and he rolled a 1, which meant the battle was done and I claimed victory once more! WOO HOO!!! With 3 counters being held by my troops versus his 1 held by the veterans while one was contested between Straken and the Flesh Hounds, the win was mine!

Final Score:
Dave/Chaos Daemons: 3 Loot Counters
Felix/Imperial Guard: 1 Loot Counter

Winner: Chaos Daemons

Final Thoughts: Another great game in my ongoing Daemon education. As the points climb my army is becoming a meaner force to face down. Guard armor was not as effective this time and I got lucky I caught a lot of it stationary. I think the choice of dropping my initial force into the middle of his biggest concentration of troops was the wise choice. Once I got into close combat the guardsmen ran for the hills and the entire flank folded on its self. It's hard to chose an MVP this time from my army, so I'm going with the whole Nurgle Force, they took it to the enemy very quick and nasty for once. Although I do have to give the horrors props since they took the brunt of the fire for the first turn which was crucial to saving the other units in the army at the time. I still have one more game in this points range, we shall see what new surprise awaits next time!

Enjoy! :)

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