Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Never Leave The Warp Without Units

Recently Ron over at the FTW Blogger group put out a call for some thoughts to the lot of us bloggers about what unit in your army is a Must Have always. I've given it some thought about this and thought I would post my thoughts on this concept. I will stick to what I play most right now, my Nurgle Themed army, although I might add some notes on my other Chaos forces.

Putting aside the fact that I play a pure Death Guard army with nothing for troops except Plague Marines, one could say they are a must have. Although to be honest there really is one unit in the army that I have constantly worked into any list anytime, and that is my Obliterators. Point for Point these 3 monsters have always seen battle time in my Death Guard army list. The unit is always a fun one to field, and the amount of different weapons available to them is awesome, from a Lascannon to a Twin Linked Flamer there are so many weapons to chose from. Add to it the 2+ save with a 5+ Invuln save, and power fist assault in close combat, there is no reason why I shouldn't bring them in for my heavy support choice. Of course that's the game reasons, but I also put some creative work into them when I built them to fit my nurgle themed army. When ForgeWorld first posted Nurgle Ogryns, I started to see some sick looking Obliterators in my mind. I grabbed me up a set of them, and began hacking and slashing them into my Obliterator monsters that they are today. Yeah there are days when this unit rolls 1s and 2s all day long, or may have had the random plasma cannon round scatter into my own Plague Marines. Then again there are those days when you see nothing but enemy Rhinos on the other table edge and you unload every lascannon and either destroy or immobilize every one of them on turn one and make your enemy troops have to walk across the table to get to me. Heh! Yes this unit is a lot of fun for me, and you can always expect it to make it's slow and purposeful stalking appearance on the battlefield when the Grey Death Legion is on the march....

Faces only a Grandfather could love.....

As for my other Chaos forces I have built some must have units for my Alpha Legion Lords to take when they hit the field. Mostly because they fit the commanders theme, and they are some fun nasty units that can turn entire flanks or the entire battle. Lord Bruticus terminator lord for example has his own retinue of Alpha Terminators that he enters into battle with. During a recent battle the unit came in behind an IG force and unleashed havoc on the enemy chimeras and IG command squad hiding in the back of the fire line. My other Alpha Commander The Shredder jump lord always has a unit of Raptors jumping into the battle with him. In the past he has gone hand to hand with Raven Guard Commander Shrike and it was an epic battle that saw the Shredder come out on top. Fun must have units while not always effective make it a lot of fun to play with these armies.

Lord Bruticus the commander of the Force leading the charge with his personal retinue, squad Onslaught!

The Red Reavers and The Shredder! Who's next!

Enjoy! ;)

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