Monday, November 2, 2009

Grey Knights Of the Round Table

At the end of September I was able to cut a deal with a fellow member in one of the clubs I belong too. I got a whole pure Grey Knights army. In the past I owned maybe less then a squad, and I traded that away for some Chaos items I needed at the time. I've always like the look of the Grey Knights, they are some of the coolest models GW has ever constructed. Right now there are two main problems with owning such an army, first the Codex is ancient and out dated, second the entire Grey Knight line is metal. Like it's Witchunter counter part the army is an expensive one to build up. So when this deal came thru, for nearly 50 GKs and 25 GK Termies I jumped on it. I really did it for the models, and right now I am playing too much chaos to worry about the codex issue. I've liked the models and I wanted to paint them.

I like the original scheme that GW used in the codex. I've always been a fan of the shiny King Aurthur/Excalibur movie that came out back in the late 70s/early 80s where the armor was very shiny and polished. Another member of Team Dave agreed that such an army would be a cool thing to see, so I set about trying to mimic the effect on my new Grey Knights. Starting out with a Chainmail dry brush, I added on a layer of Silver Mithril for the chrome effect on the flat armor pieces of the Aegis Armor. The rest of the scheme is straight out of the codex for detail. With the gold lettering and purple wash and some more gold highlighting.

I've only finished one squad so far, and I still haven't based them. I am looking to possibly indulge in some Resin bases for the added cool factor. I've still to try out the scheme on some GK terminators. I'm also looking to add some Landraiders and Dreadnoughts to the force, possibly some Forgeworld bits in there. Check out the pics of the finished squad and let me know what you think.

2nd Half of the finished Squad

The Justicar Leader

The Stormbolters are some of the coolest weapons on these guys.

FLAME ON! Incinerator this time...Psycannons next time

Finish him!

Enjoy! =)


the other Kevin said...

I've always enjoyed the look of these. You've done them justice. Nice work!

CylonDave said...

Thanks! I've got another squad with Psycannons on the works, and a Dread too...I'll post pics when they are done.