Saturday, November 21, 2009

Enter The Dragon Forge

WOO HOO! This week my Dragon Forge order arrived. I now have bases for my Grey Knights. I searched around the need for the last few weeks for some cool bases for my Grey Knights army. Most of the stuff was resin, but I did see a few plastic bases on here too. The problem was a lot of them were out of the country and I wasn't going to go that far for bases. A friend of mine showed me some Dragon Forge bases he was using on his Space Wolves and I took a look around the store site and liked what I saw. The price was well within what I expected for resin bases, and the product was very clean.

So I placed and order for 3 25mm bases batches of 10 each, and 2 of the 40MM type in batches of 5. I went with two different styles of bases the Ancient Ruins and Broken Wasteland texture. This way I can mix of the look of the army while still keeping somewhat of the same theme of hunting chaos. Since the Dread is already on a base, I didn't spend for him, but if I get another dread in the future it's possible I might to change it up a bit. The Stormtroopers won't get resin either, since I want to keep them generic, and I can paint up some decent bases for them.

Well now that I got bases it's time to get to work on them....I'll post pics soon of the finished models....until then...Enjoy!

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