Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Grey Knights 1st Squad Finished!

Well here it is, the finished product. After I got the bases I got to work right away, and I finished adding the final touches today. I tried to get some cool action poses out of these guys, let me know if you all agree. Here are a few close up shots....

Justicar laying down the bolter suppression fire.


Which direction did they go?

Go get'm boys!



Anonymous said...

Looking good. Is your list posted anywhere on here?

CylonDave said...

Actually I haven't posted a list for these guys yet. Right now I have a rough list of 3 GK Troops Squads, 1 GK Fast Attack Teleporting squad, 2 Stormtrooper squads in rhinos, 1 GK Termi Squad, and 1 GK Termi squad with Stern. Nothing too serious yet, because I'm more enjoying painting the guys then playing with them. I know the codex is old, but the models rock.

Anonymous said...

I ask because I just finished my first 1500 Space Marines Army and I was looking to move onto straight Daemonhunters...but each list I make is $$.

CylonDave said...

Heh! Well any Grey Knights list you make will be $$, because all the models are metal. Although with the cost in points the model count is lower so your not spending as much on $$. I would suggest maybe try out one squad and see what you think, before going any further. You may find GK to not be your flavor.

AlexofCharmCity said...

Looking good, Those bases turned out nice. Did you figure out a Dollar amount on those tanith? Talk to you soon.