Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grey Knights Dreadnought

Well now that I have begun working on some Grey Knights and Stormtroopers lets add a little bit of armor to the mix.

Here we go with a Grey Knights converted Dreadnought. This bad boy came with the grey knights army built when I bought the army. The original scheme was a mix of metallic and purple, with a banner on the assault cannon arm. After a few days in a simple green bath, I broke out the Brass Etched pieces. I had originally gotten the grey knights forge world brass etched pieces for a small force of Ordo Xeno Deathwatch marines. Little did I know that later on the other cool brass bits would come in handy, like now. Anyways I got rid of the banner and tried to clean up some of the other glue spots where I can, all the inquisition iconography is brass bits. I even had a brass GK logo for the left arm. Since the grey knights have no dedicated dreads, besides the FW versions and I had this guy in the army I worked a little bit of conversion magic on him.

After a little bit of priming it was painting time. Again sticking with the same style as the grey knights I worked a mix of metallic to highlight the armor, and darker metallic for the working mech parts of the dread. I also went ahead and washed the moving mech parts with the Baddab Black wash to get the armor to stand out more. The brass was mostly painted gold and washed purple like the marines. I also worked in some reds and greens to help give it some extra needed color. The cannon was also painted black in the same style that my marines have their stormbolters painted. Finally I painted up the various lenses and sensors different to again add some different colors.

This dread is still very much in the WIP stage. I'm thinking about using the cooler chaos smoke launchers, and I'm unsure if I want to mount a spotlight or not yet. I would also like to add more purity seals to the armor and hull, it just doesn't look pure GKs yet. Heh! Anyways here are some more pics......

Flame On! This dread has some cool flame upgrades in the codex.

The Assault Cannon is the only arm I have for this guy right now, I might have to find some bits for additional weapons in the future.

Notice the darker color of the "mech" parts compared to the armor of the dread. I also tried to give the leg pistons a little bit of detail with some brown wash to simulate the grease stains on the pistons.

Well that's all for now...more to come!



Old Shatter Hands said...

Cool dreadnought, Cylondude!

Let's get a game in soon, although I don't think I can play until after Thanksgiving...

Anonymous said...

wash the silver with watered-down hawk turquoise, which will add an arcane effect.
Also badab black will make it look nice.
For me, washes are the secret to sucess.