Sunday, January 24, 2010

Reinforcements from the Warp!

My Grey Death Legion grew last month with the addition of 21 plague bearers as lesser daemons. During the last open customer market at the bunker I was able to score two squads of these little buggers in a good deal, along with a greater daemon of Nurgle. The GD is currently being built, but these guys were easy to paint up and ready for tournament use in my army. I've always wanted to field some demonic forces along with my Plague Marine troops, but I never had the right models to use with them. Using other none nurgle models never felt well, and I didn't want to convert something. I was hoping GW would make these guys in plastic soon, but then I got this deal and figured why not and got at least 21 daemons, which I can use in future Codex: Daemon armies if I should ever try that dex out for a test drive. With the ability to assault on the turn they appear on the table, these guys will be an annoying unit for anyone to deal with, and fun for me!

For Grandfather Nurgle!

Guts....Guts...and more Guts!

I'm thinking of the #1.....

Which way did they go....

Nurgle Provides more Plague Foulness to the GDL!


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Old Shatter Hands said...

Looking good, Arko! Now when do I get to see them on the table top?