Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Allies to the Anarchy's Heart

Arkos looked on as the Stormbird finally finished landing and the assault ramp slowly dropped down. "I believe these are the the new allies the High Command informed us of Captain Arkos" The Shredder said as they stood waiting for the envoy to disembark.

"The Markings reminds me of the Slaanesh Subjugator we saw in battle last year." Arkos said quietly. "Perhaps we were being tested then. This should prove to be an interesting alliance."

So after finishing my Subjugator last year, I gave some thought to creating a small Emperor's Children force to go along with my engine of destruction. After a few deals here and there, gathering up some bits online, and getting a cool mounted model for the commander, I began to scheme up this new army. The Subjugator provided the basic paint scheme of this new force. Here is my prototype model, the only one finished so far. I have a mix of both current noise marines and some previous edition ones too I plan to work into a combined force.

This is will be a change from the Grey Death Legion with more expensive models points wise. Noise Marines are the cheapest cult troops in the CSM Dex right now, and I think under-rated in my opinion. A good squad of these guys with noise weapons might be a boost to my regular Alpha marines in a battle, in terms of firepower alone. Along with the marines I have a squad of daemonetts I plan to add on as lesser daemons.


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