Monday, September 21, 2009

Gunheads of the LoTD

With the new IG codex, armor has changed a lot for Renegade and Loyalist forces. There is a whole new group of units available to the treadhead in all of us. Since this army was suppose to have some exclusive FW pieces too it when I first began, that has now changed. When I first began last year I had no idea of the Punisher, so I built 2 Exterminators to provide my forces with a lot of firepower to mow down MEQs. With the ability to throw down at least 15 dice a turn in firepower, the exterminators were my choice for taking down troops. The LRMBT with the battlecannon was my other choice for taking on heavy armor. This was going to be my plan originally. The new codex brings with it new variants, and also new rules for the Exterminators. The new rules allow for more dice, and also the ability to add an ace to the force. It also makes the tanks legal for tournaments, and such which is a plus for the army. The rate of fire make the exterminators great gun bunkers for holding my lines down. I also have a manticore conversion kit, which I plan to add to this force in the future.

2 Exterminators with Brass Etched pieces on the hulls, and Alpha Legion logos.

The entire heavy armor force with 2 Exterminators and 1 LRMBT.

As for super heavy support, my vision for the army was to run the opposite of the regular forces. This would mean 1 heavy bolter Malcador, and 2 annihilator type malcadors for the squad. I also have an idea for a "Plague Reaper" tank with a few changes to reflect it not being a Plague Reaper. The Valdor tank also appeals to me for this force. I will slowly gather the super heavy support, for now I have 1 bolter Malcador and 1 annihilator Malcador for the force.

That's all for now....Enjoy!


Col. Corbane said...

Nice looking tanks you've got there mate. I've added you to the PG bloglist.


CylonDave said...

Awesome! Thanks for the add!

Rafe said...

Nice paint job on the tanks, Dave! I recently ran into the trouble of taking inducted guard with my sisters. Since IG got a new codex a few things disappeared that are still listed in my codex!

CylonDave said...

Have you checked the FAQ for your codex? Some things like Armored Fist Squads have been writen off I beleive. Most of the stuff in the dex still works, but until you get an update to your Sisters dex you might be limited in the IG choices.