Monday, September 21, 2009

Conscripts and Cultist

Recently Gav Thorpe posted on his blog about his thoughts on the CSM Codex. Something that stuck with me was the use of lesser daemons and others using other models and reasons for using them. This got me thinking about how the Alpha Legion can use these forces, but not as daemons, just to represent something else. In the past codex the Legion had access to Cultist, which also brought about the use of lesser daemons. This was of course cut out of the current codex. As we know, the legion doesn't use daemons in its armies. I do have a unit of cultist, which I am using as conscripts for my IG Alpha Legion forces. These are the old metal cultist, which I scored 24 of them a while back. I have already begun the work of painting them and I like the look of them. They will fit well as conscripts, charging from outflank when I use my stand in Al'Rahem platoon commander. Now a second use has occurred to me, this one for my CSM Alpha Legion forces. I'm thinking about using them for lesser daemon stand ins, but as an "ambush" mortal unit. The basic idea will be that they are cultist who have set up an ambush or hidden position on the battlefield. When the legion needs them(ie. summoned) they will appear on the battlefield from hiding or launch an ambush. Yes the stats are a little out of place, but again my idea would be that these cultist are crazed or jacked up on some kind of drug that lets them survive outrageous damage. This would also work well for the ambush idea since daemons can assault on the same turn they are summoned.

I've not used daemons much in the past, but the few times I have they do well on the battlefield. Easily one of the best support and counter charge units available to a CSM commander in any game. Now that I have begun work on a Emperors Children force, I got a unit of lesser daemonetts with the force. I also have lots of bloodletter models for when I get around to building a World Eaters force. Nurgle still use metal models, and while it would be nice to have a few units of them I don't have the $$ to spend on metal models, should GW ever make some in plastic they will be part of my Grey Death Legion. I will have to try this out and experiment a little with my Alpha Legion forces in future games.


John Lambshead said...

Great idea. It does not matter what the models look like or what you call them. No reasonable person will object if you use the codex 'legally'.

Old Shatter Hands said...

Well those are old minis. You're the first person I know who ever bought them. Great idea, would love to see them painted.

CylonDave said...

Thanks for the comments. I actually got a bunch in a trade, and then I got the rest durring one of the Bunker's yard sale events. I have also never seen anyone else use these before, so I want to put them on the table for the uniqueness of it all. I've used the conscripts once already with bad results, although it was a Chosen Slaanesh unit they charged into...Heh! Let's hope they perform better as lesser daemons.