Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Anarchy's Heart Motor Pool (Part 1)

Welcome aboard to the Anarchy's Heart motor pool. I have begun building the new transports for Arkos Faithless. I had a few older model rhinos in my storage, so along with a lucky buy of some predator parts I began rebuilding them. The Predator was my first try, because I took an idea from BoLS where they modified an old Pred with some new Pred bits. I like the TL Lascannon of the new Pred a lot compared to the older version. So I got my hands on an old Autocannon and attached a new TL lascannon version on it. Since I started with this old rhino for the Pred, I chose to go with old Rhinos for transports. This way the smaller Predator doesn't look too out of place, and I just happened to have enough of them for all my troop choices. I also gave the Rhinos TL bolters on top of the TL Bolters it comes with automatically. I changed up the hatches a bit to reflect the extra firepower. I was lucky enough to have enough bolters to arm two of them with original bolters, the last one will be my 1st squad ride with more modern bolters converted to it. They still fit in so well you can't tell the difference too much. With construction finished...its on to painting!

Close up of the TL Bolter hatches.....

The older autocannon turret was much better looking then the older lascannon turret IMHO.

With a little bit of work I was able to attach the current models battery pack to the back of the turret. The sponsons are also going to be the dragon lascannons of the older Predator, but will be attached later on.

That's all for now...Enjoy!

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