Sunday, May 17, 2009

Grey Death Legion on the march and Army Voting

Well this was a good weekend for the Grey Death Legion. I was lucky enough to score two games at the bunker, and the GDL came out on top.

GDL vs New IG: This was a basic 2K game, with a modified 2K list for me from my 2250 point list. With one less squad of Plague Marines I faced down the new IG. Kill Points and DoW were our chosen game, and I went 2nd. With a demolisher lurking around in the IG line I was worried of that tank. Although it went my way when he used the search lights on his tanks to light up the two units I had. They made it thru the turn and his tanks were all lit up. This helped when my Obliterators walked in and began to fire off lascannons in return. One Oblit who was on his own, managed to snipe the Demolisher tank and blow it up on turn 1. My opponent also had a Punisher, but I stacked my deployment on the other side of the table from it, and the few units that did face it, often for regular saves and FNP. The game went from that first turn into a flanking action for me as my PMs marched one side and sacked it, taking down combined infantry squads, an Ogryn Squad, some chimeras and two of his three command squads. It was fun game and an interesting taste of the new IG list.

GDL vs Space Wolves: My second game on Saturday, was with another marine army. This game caught the eye of a lot of people, since we both had fully painted armies. That's always fun to watch. This time we went to 2250 points for each army, playing Quarters and Kill Points(AGAIN!). I had a chance to try my tourny list again. This was one of the funnest games I've played in a long while. For the first 2 turns he had me worried, with a massive Blood Claws unit rushing out of a crusader LR into one of my PM Units with my Nurgle Sorcerer it was a big melee. He was laying the beat down for two turns, then everything changed. He had one turn where he made several bad rolls, and gave me a chance to catch up, with T5 marines, that's not good times for the Wolves. Heh Heh Heh! I also kept one PM Squad in reserve, which came in at the right time to smoke one of his Dreads. After that turn the blood claws turn and ran away with his rune lord character. Meanwhile my Predator was trading shots with his LR, and my nurgle obliterators plasma blasted his incoming terminators. I cleared the center of the table and sent a pursuit squad of PMs to keep the wolves running, but some rallied, like the blood claws and one terminator. These Wolves were able to turn back and take out my pursuit squad and so ended the game with the score of 6 GDL and 2 Wolves.

On the online front, Voting has begun on the best IG Army of 40KOnline, so if you like seeing some fully painted IG armies, head over there and get your vote in. We had many more people enter then I expected when I put the contest together. Some great looking armies and conversions.

IG Best Army Voting

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