Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Master of the Ravenwing and Squadron

ZOG!! heh! I've been playing DoW II too much now. Anyways, I'm adding more work to my back log. When the Stompa came out I won a Master of Ravenwing on a Jetbike as a prize at the bunker, and its been sitting on my bookcase alone since then. I grabbed up a Ravenwing battalion box a few weeks ago. While I'm not a fan of some of the splinter marine dex's, I started reading up on this one and it caught my eye, before I tossed the Master box away into a dark corner of closet space. So tonight I began construction of my first marine bike army. I'm a sucker for a fan of a VERY BAD 80's b-movie called MegaForce...about a force of bike riders like the Ravenwing. ARGH! Heh! I'm also thinking about building the Master on his Landspeeder, an armor 14 Landspeeder sounds sweet! I basically built the battalion set bikes and landspeeder in about 3 hours at the bunker tonight, so I'm half way there. I still have to tackle the metal jetbike monster, but I will hold off till I am confident with my paint scheme from the plastics to take a shot at that. So expect some pics of my ravenwing in the near future.


Hannibal said...

Nice, getting sucked into some Dark Angels now? Maybe you mount some twin-linked plasma cannons under that Master of Ravenwing Jetbike, haha! I thought about making a space marine list, and putting a lot of shooting out there and a lot of targets for the enemy to shoot at. Anything good going on at the bunker?

CylonDave said...

The only major event at the bunker, might be a tournament next month. You need to head down here and get a game in with my GDL dude!