Tuesday, May 5, 2009

And so it begins......

The first post and I finally gave in to making my own Blog for my Games Workshop war gaming hobby. For the last year of so, I've been keeping a small blog of my work on 40KOnline, but I wanted to start a true blog of my projects for a while now. I'm not a Golden Daemon painter or builder, but I enjoy this hobby a lot and I have put a lot of time and effort into some of my various projects over the last few years. While I have been in this hobby since I was in middle school(Oh the 80's!) I've only been playing GW games for the better part of 10 years, before that I was mostly into Battletech.

So here we are....and I have chosen to go with creating a blog about my fave Chaos Space Marine legion, the Alpha Legion. Forgeworld was also kind enough to create a Special Character for this legion, Arkos the Faithless a captain in the Alpha Legion. He leads a band of warriors named The Faithless, along with a host of minions as he calls them of followers. With that in mind I began working on an army of minions for Arkos.

Meet Arkos the Faithless
First we have to have The Boss right? So this is my conversion of Arkos the Faithless. Made from various Chaos Marine and regular Space Marine bits, this was a fun project to work on, and one of my first conversions I have ever made for my 40K armies.

Now for some of his Forces!


This is a squad made of older metal Terminators I re-based onto 40MM bases. This is the first of 3 squads of Terminators that I plan on building for my Alpha Legion forces. I also plan to paint up a metal Terminator Lord for the force, and create an Apocalypse size Chaos Annihilation Force formation.


BALTAR! This is Dreadnought Baltar, my first dread for Arkos army. Its the current GW Dread with a Plasma Cannon and Power Claw. It was the first model I attempted the "Scale" look on his carapace, which I later went on and used when I worked on Arkos himself. After seeing the head, I though Cylon and had to work the mono-eye look into this monster. Heh!


After reading the Legion novel of the Horus Heresy books, I was excited about building a "Stealth" Squad for my AL Army. With that thought in mind I went about creating a themed unit of Chosen Chaos Space Marines as my base for the stealth squad. I wanted something a little different and sneaky about these guys, so I took the theme of one of the imperials most shadowy units, the Xeno Hunters Deathwatch. I took that as my color scheme, and also used AL shoulder pads to make them look like a Salamanders space marines to add more "chaos" to this squad of sneaks. I gave this squad the full treatment, with all weapons and gear modeled on each model for a Chosen CSM, along with all the special weapons, while keeping the Deathwatch look of lots of scopes on the guns and silver down one arm as the imperial deathwatch have. This is an older pic, and the squad is already based to the ash waste look that the other forces have on their bases.


This is a force of Chaos Obliterators which I got in a trade and rebuilt them in the color scheme of the Alpha Legion. I painted and modeled them after the Borg from ST:Next Gen. since the legion is not in favor of using chaos daemons and powers often. I thought the Borg/Robot lot fit these old Oblit models very well. These are older smaller models too, so I put the already mounted on 25MM models on larger 40MM round bases to bulk them out a bit more to the current size of base used by current 40K obliterator models.


Finally my two Hellblade raiders. The pride of my force at the moment, 2 FW Fliers which have seen lots of action in the last year since I built and painted them. Most of the time you will see lots of Imperial air forces, and its rare that you see many chaos fliers. I still need to put some work into the bases, but who looks at those when these babies are in the air. Heh! They are one of my fave units to break out and play with in my battles.

Got Cylon Raiders?! ;)

More to come soon! Enjoy!

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