Friday, May 8, 2009

The Grey Death Legion

While Arkos Alpha Legion forces are the main reasons for this blog, I can't forget to mention that he has many allies. First among these allies is a band of Nurgle Death Guard CSMs calling themselves the The Grey Death Legion. While I have not had a chance to flesh out the background on this army yet, I will post a few pics of the units and characters of this army. Originally this army was going to be a small side project and ally contingent to my Alpha Legion, but that changed when I got to working on the force, and began to rise the points of the army a model at a time. By the time I had a 1K points painted, I was pulled into Papa Nurgle's grasp, and The Grey Death Legion became my official 40K Tournament Army. This army would also earn me a new nickname "Two Save Dave", thanks to the FNP Rule of the Plague marines, and the fact that my last major army in 40K was a Necron(ResOrb) army I ran during the Medusa V global campaign. Heh! I honestly didn't think about this, till my friends pointed it out to me....Thanks everyone! LOL!

The name of the army came from one of my fave battletech Merc Units. For those of you who know a little about Battletech, I am talking about the infamous Grey Death Legion. Being Death Guard, and having read the recent Heresy books about the DG helped in motivating me as well. So The Grey Death Legion was born, and has continued to grow larger then I had ever imagined. Currently the army consist of 1 Nurgle Daemon Prince, 1 Nurgle Sorcerer, 1 Nurgle Terminator Lord, 55 Plague Marines(Five 11 man squads), two chosen Nurgle Squads, 1 Nurgle Terminator Squad, 1 all Lascannon Predator, 1 unit of Nurgle HB Havocs, and 1 full unit of Nurgle themed Obliterators. The army has blown up and become its own project. My current crowning piece of the army are my kitbashed Nurgle Obliterators. When the new FW Nurgle Ogryns came out last year I was inspired to kitbash them into Obliterators.

The Leaders of this Legion

These are my two currently painted commanders. The Sorcerer is a FW model, and the DP is the metal Nurgle model. FW put out that model just in time when I was considering building the army up in size. Thanks FW! Although recently IMHO I think they dropped the ball with the new FW Daemon Prince......The Terminator Lord is in the process of being painted.

The Elite of Nurgle

Speaking of Terminators, this is my small detachment of Nurgle marked terminators. They are made of older metal terminators with a few conversions. One thing I had a lot of was the reaper autocannon terminators, so I chopped the AC off and converted two of them into Combi-Plasma weapons for two of the terminators. The force also partakes in the apocalypse Terminator Assault formation with my Alpha Legion terminators.

Obliterators of Nurgle

By far the most eye catching unit in the army are these Nurgle themed Obliterators. Made from the FW Nurgle Ogryns, they were lots of fun to build and paint. They along with my regular troops have seen the most action to date, they are just too much fun not to bring out and use to blow tanks or monstrous creatures into little bits.

The Army at 1750 Points

I won't overload this blog with pics of each squad right now, but here is a pic of the entire army last year. This army is twice as large now and crawling into the Apocalypse 3K size now. With 2 more squads of PMs, 2 Chosen units, 1 Predator, and 1 Havoc squad its growing on me more and more.

As for future expansion....I'm not sure yet, but I am liking the look of those new Nurgle Drones from Forge World. Another squad of PMs is slowly building up, filling out all my troop choices for the FoC. I would love to field Chaos Spawns for my FA choices, since they fit this theme perfectly. I've also recently picked up a chaos bike and I'm thinking about building a unit of Nurgle Bikes. As for Apocalypse units, the thought of a Nurgle Plague Tower or Plague Reaper are not far from possible, if I can get some zombies on the cheap and a Typhus model maybe I'll build a Plague of Zombies formation too......Hmmmmm Choices...

Oh well Enjoy!

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