Monday, June 8, 2009

Legion of the Dragon on Parade

Sorry for the delay folks....A slight weapons malfunction....the PC caught a bit of a bug....but everything is fine now....How are you?

A few weeks ago GW held its last IG themed contest for the month of May. This contest was to see who had the best looking platoon. The rules were simple, 1 HQ Squad, 2 Troop Squads, and 1 Heavy Weapons squad. A basic platoon from almost any standard, fully painted and based. I chose to enter one of my Legion of the Dragon platoons, made from FW Renegade parts and Cadian parts. Two others also entered their platoons into the contest, both Imperial IG Platoons, one fully plastic from the new kits, and the other one a mix of older metal cadians and plastics. Up for grabs was a new Commissar Lord model, as the staff at the bunker chose the best one of the 3 entries……Well the winner was….The new models squad! I will get it next time…Heh Heh Heh! I got my digital and took a few shots of the entries for all to see. Below are the 3 entries, with the first one being the winner, enjoy!

The Winner is....the guys in Blue! No No No....not this time...The winner is up front...

I got pushed to the back....No Respect I tell ya! ;)

Finally Bell of Lost Souls very own BrassScorpion's platoon!

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