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W1 Escalation League Battle Report: Daemons vs DE

So the escalation league is off and running this week! The first week begins with a 500 point skirmish for the league.....Lets take a look...

Points: 500 Points Per Player
Mission: Annihilation (Victory Points)
Set Up: Dawn Of War

The Armies:

Chaos Daemons-
My Chaos Daemons were a mix of Nurgle and Khorne lead by a Herald of Nurgle. This was just a small mix of what I had on hand that I enjoyed playing. The old standard in my trusty Plaguebearers and some added nastiness with some power weapon welding Bloodletters for fun. At 500 points I fit 2 troops, 1 HQ, and a Fast Attack of Flesh Hounds for fun.

Dark Eldar-
I had no idea what kind of army I was going to face, but I found it funny that I faced down some Dark Eldar in my first week. Funny because the last time I was in a League of this type my first game was against regular Eldar. Irony indeed! This was a themed list, my opponent used up his one special character spot to take Baron Sathonyx, a new character for this new army which allows him to take Hellions as troops. Along with the dark Baron, 2 units of Hellions joined him, and a 3 bike squad of Reavers making for a very quick force.

Deployment and Terrain:

I won the roll off so I chose to go second this time and made him deploy first and move first. We dropped 4 buildings and 1 wooded template on the table which was spread out fairly well. He dropped the mandatory 1 HQ and 2 troop choices on the table. I rolled to see how the gods were feeling tonight, as my Nurgle force was my chosen first drop to take the heat first and occupy the enemy a little. To my luck the Gods were on my side that night. Nurgle would be first on the table!

Turn 1

Dark Eldar- First turn didn't see the DE do much because there was nothing to do by mill about. The Reavers came onto the table from his table edge and zoom out to the middle of the table to prepare for the enemy.

Daemons- Enter Nurgle!! My Plaguebearers and Herald would drop as one unit. With a little bit of scatter they moved in close to the Reavers but didn't do much then spread out and prepare for the coming hit they would take. With high toughness and feel no pain I was confident in my troops to hold this first round till Khorne could make its entrance.

Turn 2

Dark Eldar- Turn two would see the pain begin to show. First the Reavers made a Bladevane attack on the nurgle unit. This took out 2 bearers in the attack, while his Hellions closed ranks and moved closer to the unit. The Hellions unloaded on the daemons, but thanks to saves no wounds were taken. WOO HOO!!

Daemons- Turn 2 brings in my Bloodletters! WOO HOO Power Weapons! Although thanks to scatter the unit lands on top of a Hellion unit, but I am lucky because the mishap only sends them back up into reserve for another turn to wait. The Flesh Puppies wait as well for another turn. Meanwhile my Nurlge forces will continue to take the heavy fire while trying to catch the hellions, who are way too fast for them and run away. COWARDS!

Turn 3

Dark Eldar- Top of turn 3 saw a lot of carnage of my nurgle forces. The dark eldar unloaded all kinds of weapons fire on the unit. Both units of hellions and the reavers unloaded everything! The results were heavy losses for me as 5 bearers fell to enemy fire from the 3 units, but they were still there. We aren't going away that easy!

Daemons- Reinforcements are here!! Both the Bloodletters and Flesh Hounds dropped onto the table this time. I dropped them behind the hellions to give them a good scarce and it worked! Meanwhile my nurgle force turned to face the reavers. Since they failed to move and shot instead, my nurgle force caught them in close combat! Finally some blood, as the nurgle force takes down the leader of the reaver squad, while taking no wounds in return. The crafty pointy ears hold in leadership causing them to stay locked with my daemons. At least I caught a unit finally. Now all the players are on the table...time for the carnage to really start!

Turn 4

Dark Eldar- With Khorne now on the table the hellions got out of dodge quick! Using all their speed and distance the hellions took off running away from the deadlier khorne units. The cowardly baron ran off with his unit back to his lines, while the other unit took off to support the reavers. Close combat was joined and both the hellions and reavers took down the 3 plaguebearers. The herald failed in its attack, and also failed in its fearless saves causing the unit to fall. Both of the units were free from combat and ready to take on the forces of Khorne!

Daemons- Unleash Khorne!!!! Both khorne units made a dash for both hellion units, the flesh hounds being a cav unit had the best chance of catching the unit they were chasing. After a shooting round of running and fleet both units were ready to strike. The Bloodletters were short, but not the hounds! The hellion unit that had just finished off my nurgle was in for a little counter charge from the flesh hounds. The Doggies put a bit of a hurt to the unit, but thanks to hit and run they pulled away and prepared to attack back in their turn.

Turn 5

Dark Eldar- Turn 5 would see another Bladevane attack from the reavers, this time on my flesh hounds. This caused no losses for the hounds and allowed the wounded hellion unit to make another attack on them as well. Meanwhile the baron and his unit unloaded on the bloodletters trying to cut down their numbers. Finally the hellions made their close combat charge into the hounds, but the combat caused them a lot of models, at which point he passed his leadership and stayed in the fight. Go Doggies!!!

Daemons- With one hellion left to face off against the flesh hounds the battle was a given to the forces of Khorne. Meanwhile the bloodletters turned on the new fresh target of the reavers that rushed into their sights thanks to the bladevane attack. With power weapons ready to slice and dice the bloodletters brought down both bikes in the same round they charged them. 2 Kills for my daemon forces! WOO HOO!

Turn 6

Dark Eldar- We rolled for random turn and we got another turn of combat. This time the baron came out to play, now that the odds were in his favor against the flesh hounds. The hellion unit came around the woods and unloaded on the hounds with all their weapons. This resulted in 2 more wounds for my hounds, and they soon took advantage and charged the hounds to finish them off. Taking them down on the same turn the baron and his minions charged the doggies.

Daemons- With nothing in range the bloodletters fell back into the ruins and prepared for a charge from the baron should another turn happen. After this we rolled and no turn would happen...End game!

Final Score:
Matt/Dark Eldar- 404 Victory Points
Dave/Chaos Daemons- 300 Victory Points

Winner: Dark Eldar

Final Thoughts: I haven't played a 500 point game in a good while, so it was fun getting in a quick game like this to see how daemons work on this points level. In hindsight I suppose the prudent choice would have been to at least take a unit of Horrors for the shooting aspect, but the Khorne/Nurgle connection is well known in the 40K background. Also I had no idea what I was going to face at this level, so I took a generic list that could take on almost anything, with the staying power of nurgle and the power weapons of khorne the mix is good. It's funny that if I had to pick an MVP for the daemons the Flesh Hounds would be my choice, an effective cavalry unit with furious charge. Heh, wait till I raise that unit to 14 Doggies! WOOF! As for the DE I would say the reavers are very effective, a very cool attack with that bladevane move, I think I will have to grab some for my future DE army I am working on now. It was a fun game and I was 4 points short of a Draw! Looking forward to 1K in the coming 2 until then!

Enjoy! :)

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