Monday, February 14, 2011

Escalation League: 1K Points Rolling!

Last week began the 1000 point round of the league. Due to schedule issues I wasn't able to get my game in that week, but I will try and get both games in this week. 500 points was actually a closer game then I expected, and I had a good chance to get a tie, but my opponent won by 4 points out of the tie range. A fun game still, even if I lost.

I've been in contact with both players for my 1K games, and we are working a time and place to meet to get these games done and out. I hope to have something later in the week for a battle report. I am also trying to line up some bonus games with other players I am not normally playing in the league. At 1K I am adding a little bit of ranged firepower, and beefing up my regular units a little with a few tasty upgrades!

Chaos Daemon Legion
Total: 1000 Points


Herald of Nurgle (+Nox Touch +Icon +Unholy Might +Cloud)

Herald of Tzeentch (+Icon)


Troop 1
10 Pink Horrors (+Bolt of Tzeentch)

Troop 2
10 Bloodletters 

Troop 3
10 Plaguebearers (+Noxious Touch)

Troop 4
10 Plaguebearers (+Noxious Touch)

Fast Attack

11 Flesh Hounds

Enjoy! =)

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