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W2 Escalation League Battle Report: Daemons vs Space Wolves

Week 2 is here, and we now move up to 1K point games. The first game for this level is a standard random mission out of the main 40K rulebook. I let my opponent roll the mission, which came up loot counters, I rolled the deployment and got quarters, which won’t matter for the Daemons but will for his Space Wolves. Jeremy rolled a full load of 5 counters for the game so this was set to be a high takes mission.....Lets take a look...

Points: 1000 Points Per Player
Mission: Loot Counters (5)
Set Up: Quarters

The Armies:

Chaos Daemons-
This time around thanks to the higher points I was able to beef up some units with some nice upgrades, while bringing in another force to join the legion from the Lord of Change…Tzeentch! Along with my original 500 point force, I was able to add a few more flesh hounds to the unit to beef it up more, the Plaguebearers were upgraded with some Noxious Touch, and the herald was given a few upgrades to make him nastier. Finally a new force joined the ranks, a Herald of Tzeentch, along with a unit of Horrors to give my army some shooty goodness. Both Heralds were upgraded to Icons to help bring in my forces and avoid scatter mistakes.

Space Wolf Space Marines-
To my surprise I was lucky enough to draw a battle with a newer army in the form of the Space Puppies. I’ve played a few Space Wolves armies in the past and had some good games against them, this time I will be facing the newest codex versions. At this level of points Jeremy brings with him 2 Dreadnaughs in Drop Pods, both with assault cannons and heavy flamers, 2 units of Grey Hunters with Flamers and Plasmaguns, with the plasma unit in a drop pod, 2 units of Long Fangs with rocket launchers, and all lead by a Wolf Guard Commander. I will be trying to avoid those Dreads as much as I can since I have nothing really to take them down.

Deployment and Terrain:

He won the roll off and he chose to go first this time and move first. We dropped 5 building templates on the table which were spread out fairly well. The 5 counters were deployed all over the table, I had 2 and he dropped 3 since he rolled mission. He went ahead and deployed both Long Fangs in one building in his quarter, while deploying the flamer Grey Hunters close to the center of the table along with the Wolf Guard Commander, the rest were placed in reserve. I rolled to see how the gods were feeling tonight, the two heralds with units of Horrors and Plaguebearers for retinues were my choice units to drop since they both had icons to help deep strike. To the pleasure of the Gods, they were not on my side that night. Everything else which accounted for most of my Khorne strike force would be first on the table!

Turn 1

Space Wolves- First turn saw the Grey Hunters make a run on the center loot counter. Moving and running close to their objective, while the long fangs looked on ready to strike.

Daemons- Enter Khorne!! First the Flesh Hounds made a jump onto the table, scattering a bit out of range and falling within sight of the long fangs weapons. The second Plaguebearer unit came next dropping onto a building template close to my table edge, as luck would have it they scattered into an open area next to the building avoiding any problems. Finally the Bloodletters dropped beside the flesh hounds to form a killer khorne battle line ready to unleash. After some quick running to scatter the units some the table was set for round 2.

Turn 2

Space Wolves- Turn two saw the entry of 2 units of wolves in reserve. First a Dreadnaught and also the squad of Grey Hunters with Plasmaguns, both units entered in drop pods and landed close to my khorne attack force. The 1st grey hunter squad moved from the other flank of my flesh hounds, and all 3 units boxed in my khrone forces. With the shooting round the long fangs unloaded frag rockets on my flesh hounds, but thanks to cover saves the damage was not as bad as expected. The grey hunters with flamers unloaded next, followed by their bolters and a plasma pistol. The resulting combined firepower took down the unit of flesh hounds. Next came the heat on the bloodletters, both the 2nd squad of grey hunters and dread unloaded bolters, an assault cannon, plasmaguns, and a heavy flamer on the unit. The wolves lost one gunner to overheat from a plasmagun, even with this and 2 drop pod storm bolters, one bloodletter survived the onslaught to fight.

Daemons- Turn 2 brings in the rest of my army as they drop close to the long fangs hide out and way from the grey hunters. The horrors with herald land in a good spot to take down the 1st unit of grey hunters who are waiting to move out. Meanwhile the nurgle force will land behind the horrors some and spread out. The 1st unit of plaguebearers will make a run for the objective on my side of the table. The long bloodletter makes his way to the unit where the horrors are going to fire into. The shooting round starts and the horrors are good shooters costing the grey hunters a few casualties, and putting one casualty on the wolf guard commander. The nurgle forces run to spread out. Finally the lone bloodletter assaults the hurt grey hunter unit but fails to wound, the grey hunters do not fail and take out the last of my khorne daemons. BUMMER!

Turn 3

Space Wolves- Enter the last drop pod and this time close to my recently arrived units. Meanwhile the grey hunters and the other dread make their way across the battlefield to join the battle. The long fangs had to shoot straight down from the windows to blast the horrors with frag rockets. The fire was heavy but thanks to the saves the unit made it out fairly well. The 1st grey hunter unit joined in the slaughter and unloaded on the unit, taking down the herald in the process. The 2nd dread turned on the 2nd nurgle unit with the herald. Thanks to saves only a very few plaguebearers suffered any wounds. The other wolf units were out of range to bring their firepower to bear.

Daemons- The units are beat but we can still win! The horrors moved out to face down the weaker grey hunter unit. Meanwhile the 2nd plaguebearers unit moved into the building with the long fangs. The 1st unit of plaguebearers attempted to climb up to the objective but failed. Shooting took down another wolf from the grey hunter unit they were facing. With no choice left to me, I assaulted the grey hunters with my horrors, which turned into a horror for the horrors! Meanwhile the nurgle herald lead his squad into combat with one of the long fang units. Combat was joined and the result was a tie in combat losses.

Turn 4

Space Wolves- Time was running out and no objectives were being taken yet. The 1st dread and 2nd grey hunters continued to cross the battlefield. Meanwhile the new 2nd dread turned on my 1st nurgle squad. The top most unit of long fangs came down one floor to join the melee, No Guts No Glory said Jeremy. CHARGE!! The 1st grey hunter squad tried and failed to join the long fangs in the battle. Shooting was light since all units were all in combat or out of sight. The 1st and 2nd dreads unloaded into the 1st nurgle unit with assault cannons and a heavy flamer but due to cover saves and feel no pain losses were light. In a comical Kool-Aid Man moment the 2nd dread BUSTED thru a building wall and assaulted the nurgle unit. OH YEAH!!! The resulting combat was less than spectacular for the dread and it was now trapped in a nurgle swamp, ending my chance to take the buildings objective! Heh! Meanwhile the 2 long fang units failed to break my nurgle unit in close combat. 

Daemons- All of my units were involved in close combat. So no movement or shooting involved anymore. The long fangs and plaguebearers continued the stalemate with the herald missing all together. ARGH!!! Meanwhile in the more comical combat of the Kool-Aid Man vs Nurgle as we called it, once again the dread wounds once, and he claimed one kill this round! WOO HOO!

Turn 5

Space Wolves- The end is near!!! The 2nd grey hunters unit continued to try and take the middle objective but failed to reach it. Meanwhile the 1st unit got to the objective in the long fang hideout and held it. ARGH!! No shooting so on to close combat!! Bring it! The Wolf Guard Commander joined the fun with the long fangs, at which point he failed totally to wound! With 3 wolf units in the mix you know this has to end bad right. Not so, the herald took no hits, but his unit was cut down to 2 plaguebearers. The counter attack resulted in another wound bringing the combat to a loss, but thanks to saves and feel no pain again no plaguebearers were lost. Meanwhile the other combat was a total draw once again, where the dread landed one wound and I saved it. The Power of Nurgle is STRONG!!!!

Daemons- Time to turn the tables? On to Combat, once again the power of nurgle would see the long fangs and wolf guard commander fail to do much, while the nurgle forces also failed to do much resulting in another stalemate. ARGH! Oh look the dread in the other combat landed two hits….Oh….Wait he failed to wound with both, one wound…and I saved it!! WOO HOO!! Nurgle Protects! With a roll of the dice….the Game Ends!!! As no turn 6 is to be had.

Final Score:
Jeremy/Space Wolves- 1 Loot Counter
Dave/Chaos Daemons- 0 Loot Counter

Winner: Space Wolves Space Marines

Final Thoughts: Well it was a chance to try out the daemons on the new Space Wolves and I had a good time even if I lost once again. The two dreads were a pain, and having nothing to deal with them was frustrating. Once again we had a very close game even with so many loot counters on the table only one was taken and that was all that it took to win this game. The loss of my heavy hitting Khorne forces hurt my ability to take down the grey hunters. If I had to give anyone the MVP this time it has to be my plaguebearers, they held their own against some nasty combat. I also did not enjoy the fact that the wolves has counter attack, that was a very nasty ability that gave them more attacks, but I had high toughness to hold my own. Well I still have one more 1K Game so we shall see where that goes….Until Then!

Enjoy! :)

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