Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alpha Legion Lesser Daemons

Arkos looked over at his commander "If it comes to a crisis point we can always call on our brothers from beyond."
Lord Bruticus shook his head "My terminators are more then enough for this xeno scum, we don't need to disturb our fallen brothers."
The Shredder grinned "I say do it now Arkos, the more options we have for attack."
Arkos shook his head "Now where is the challenge in that if we call in all our forces to strike, we will use only what we need to win this battle, it has always been our way of battle in the Alpha Legion."

Daemons are an almost unknown in all of the Alpha Legions battle doctrines, although as part of the codex it is an option to all chaos forces. Last year I got my hands on a box of the metal Chaos Furies Daemons when I picked up my Plague Bearers. So what to do with these guys, I can't even use them in the Daemons Codex really, so I though about using the squad as an additional unit for the Alpha Legion, more so for looks since its rare that I employ such units for the army. It didn't take me long to paint them up and I added a little green to link them with the Legion.

The Green gives them a little bit of a Dragon look.

Don't really care for the models pose, but I did what I could...


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Old Shatter Hands said...

Cool and bat-like. I like it. The green faces really work.