Monday, March 1, 2010

Expanding My Blog Empire

Well it’s a new month, and I am expanding my internet Empire! Recently I’ve been posting a lot of imperial content on the blog, and with the addition of the Grey Knights last year it’s gotten larger. So now that this site has grown and gotten establish, I am expanding to add a new Blog. This blog will cover my many Imperial Projects, including such things as Titans, Aeronautica Imperialis, and even some xenos like Eldar. Since I will be very involved in my Club’s GamesDay 2010 project this year for the imperial side, I thought I would take that work to that site as well.

The site is going to be primarily an Imperial Guard site, since that is my most active of my imperial forces. The theme of the site will be the Rynn’s World conflict between Orks vs Imperials. This will also include my Crimson Fist space marines, and my older Rynn’s World Heavy Guard, that will be turning into the Rynnsguard IG Force. Inspired by the recent Rynn’s World novel as background this site will be a counter to the Anarchy’s Heart. As always enjoy and comment a lot! Thanks!

Check out my New Imperial Blog!
Rynnsguard HQ

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