Friday, April 30, 2010

Unifying the Undivided Chaos

So, Ron over at FTW put out a call for us blogger to post how we go about unifying our armies. For my CSM and Allies bases are perhaps the biggest point to a unified theme. My Alpha Legion, Legion of the Dragon, and Grey Death Legion all sport ash waste style bases, as does my Subjugator titan. Breaking it down a little more, both my Alpha's and Dragon forces are themed for the same army color theme. The Alpha Legion being a traitor legion, and the Legion of the Dragon being their auxiliary infantry troops. The paint scheme for both forces is also similar, with lots of blues and bolter being used along with greens. Enjoy the examples below....

Arkos the Faithless

Alpha Legion Dread

Alpha Terminators

Alpha Obliterators

Renegade Commander

Rogue Psyker

Renegade Command Squad

Grey Death Legion, Death Guard

Nurgle Daemons and Prince

Even Warmachines....Subjugator Titan

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