Sunday, July 5, 2009

Slaanesh Subjugator (Part 2)

Well we now have a built Subjugator and its time to think of a paint scheme. This was my first step into the world of Slaanesh so I had no idea what were common colors to this god. The only gods that I have used in chaos were Nurgle and Khorne, which have simple color schemes. So I did a little bit of research on this, along with taking a break from the project. I found the main color for the Subjugator after the new Dark Elves came out when a friend of mine built and painted his army. He did a real cool mix of metallic with the new purple wash that GW put out. It created a real cool effect on his Dark Elves, that I took the idea to my 40K Subjugator and it worked out perfectly!(Thanks Scooter!) The main color was there, and I took Gold as the secondary color of the model, with a few other colors and I finally had a scheme. I created the scheme simply as I painted the model.

I also dove into my Choas bits box and pulled some icons and other bits to give the model more of a chaosy look. The thigh armor got some Slaanesh icons, as did the feet, and shoulder pads. I also took a Chaos Daemons Bloodletter banner and added it as a loin cloth style banner to the subjugator. It all came together and gave it a much more chaos and slaanesh themed look to the model.

The end result of making a scheme as I painted the model worked out real well. I think I got a good mix of colors that gave the subjugator a very good slaanesh look. I used a few Slaanesh transfers in the end to finish off the model on the banner and arm armor.

The final test facing down an Ork Stompa. The final work on the model was the "High Heels" which I was perplexed as to how I would work them in. I finally greenstuff them and made them into bone heels. After all this is a Deamon Engine, and I was going for a Mega Size Deamonette look, so the bone worked well with the theme. This pic also gives you another good size comparison with GW official titan style models.


JohnOSpencer said...

Good stuff. I think you forgot to mention that it kills stuff great, too.

CylonDave said...

Heh Heh Heh! It is a great machine for killing lots of stuff! ;)

At least it's earned the name of "Can Opener" at the battle bunker from my opponents....Poor Baneblades...Heh!