Friday, July 24, 2009

Arkos The Faithless

Arkos the Faithless, Scion of Alpharius, and Captain in the Alpha Legion is the top dog of this Warband. The first real Special Character released for the Alpha Legion thru Forge World's Imperial Armor 5. When I saw this and the cool renegade models I was sold on the Alpha Legion as my choice for Chaos Space Marines. So began my trek into Chaos, and while I hopped and hopped that FW would release a cool resin model of Arkos it never came to be. So this left my new warband leaderless for a while, until a year later when I chose to convert my own version of Arkos out of existing models and bits.

I found that the Chaos Lord with CombiMelta fit the body style well, and it also came with a cool banner back pack. The head choices were much more limited, till I looked in my bits collection and found a fitting head from the Deathwatch upgrade kit, there was a head with a cyber eye, which also fit the description of some of the wargear on Arkos. The last piece was the sword, which had me stuck for a while, until a friend offered a fatasy chaos blade bit that worked perfectly. Along with a few other random bits I was off to build my own Arkos the Faithless model!

Here are some shots of the model before I primed it and after intial construction.

The Head and Blade both fit the Chaos Lord body perfectly with a bit of shaving some of the extra metal on the arm for the gloved hand.

After looking at Kharn's cool skull backpack, I was inspired to do something similar for Arkos, but I used two of the Dragon Head bits from the Chaos Vehicle bits sprue. The dragon heads add that extra bit that makes it look like a Hydra the main Icon of the Alpha Legion.

Standing on a rock raising his Dark Blade to inspire his troops on to victory, Arkos leads the way!

After a bit of paint work here is Arkos prior to finishing him. You can see the cybernetic detail of the eye on the Deathwatch head real well.

The Dragon heads along with Arkos head make for a cool Hydra effect of the many heads on one body.

Here is a better shot of the backpack and the dragon heads, as well as Arkos cape.

That's all for Arkos will be the rest of his leadership....Enjoy!

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