Friday, June 12, 2009

New Cities of Death Stratagems

Well it looks like GW slipped this one under our noses recently. Cities of Death was an expansion to the old codex City Fights years ago, and it was the first of the new expansions along with Apocalypse and now Planetstrike. It was also very involved in the global Medusa V campaign. Although once Apocalypse came out CoD sat in a corner forgotten. I have seen a few addons since then with a WD article for Orks last year, and now with IG out we have our own update to IG CoD exclusive stratagems. I like some of these little gems and I'm seeing potential for use with my Legion of the Dragon guard forces, and some future project ideas I am playing around with. So have a look for yourself if your an IG Fan and have some fun converting! Enjoy!

Cities of Death IG Stratagems

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