Monday, May 16, 2011

War Pigs Mercenaries: Alpha Platoon

Say hello to the “The War Pigs!” They will fight on your side for the right price! Originally this was going to be the beginning of a nurgle themed renegade force, but over the last year it has been a slow process of getting this small project off the ground and it has evolved now into a Mercenary army for hire using the new revised renegade army list from ForgeWorld. While the name is not too original it’s a bit of a fun joke to use for the army. I have a ton of very old GW imperial army models looking for a home, and these old vets are going into business for themselves in the 40k universe as a "security" firm. The troops come from all over the galaxy and work for anyone with the credits to pay. This is the first platoon of the army, Alpha Platoon is the a group of rough troops from all kinds of battlefields, armed with heavy bolters and a heavy stubber they are ready to hold the line!

Alpha Command Squad

Alpha Squad 1-1

Alpha Squad 1-2

Enjoy! :)

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