Monday, January 24, 2011

Escalation League: Chaos Daemons....I Chose You!

This year our club, the Ineptus Astartes is running an escalation league starting in February. I was considering starting a whole new xeno race from the bottom up, but with so many projects in existence I chose a different route. I have chosen to use my recently started Chaos Daemons army for the event. I started painting this army mostly last year in May during an Iron Painter event. Originally most of the first units were meant to be used as lesser daemons for my various Chaos Space Marine armies, slowly I amassed a force that I could be used with the Daemon codex, and here I am today with a whole new army. I have only used the army in a few games as a Daemon force so I’m still new to the codex and what I can do with the units I have. I’m hoping to learn the ins and outs of this army by playing with it in the escalation league. The army is not fully painted and there are units still in the process of being finished. In the coming weeks I will chronicle my adventures with this army thru battle reports and painting updates. So for the next 9 or so weeks it’s going to be Daemon central on the Anarchy’s Heart!

So looking at my backlog of Daemon projects that I want to accomplish in this time the list is not as long as I expected it to be. A lot of the units are half finished so I should be able to finish them soon I hope. Let’s see what I have in the Daemon To Do List….

Partial Painted:
1 Squad of Daemonetts
1 Squad of Pink Horrors w/ Changeling
2 Squads of Bloodletters
1 Daemon Prince of Khorne
1 Forgeworld "An'ggrath The Ubound" Greater Daemon of Khorne

1 Squad of Plaguebearers
1 Skulltaker 

Still in Package:
1 Soul Grinder
1 Herald of Slaanesh on Mount
1 Squad of Slaanesh Seekers
1 Forgeworld Daemon Prince of Khorne w/ Herald

Need to be Cleaned and Rebuilt:
1 Lord of Change

I think if I can at least get the majority of the partial painted group done it will be a successful accomplishment for the campaign. Most of it is well into being completed, as for the rest I am looking to trade the forgeworld prince possibly so he might slide off the list in the future, and the rest will be a gradual grinding away for the army. I’m not sure what faction the Soul Grinder will serve so it might be one of the last pieces to be finished. Right now Khorne and Nurgle dominate my army but Slaanesh is making a sizable rise into the ranks, this with The Masque already finished will make a good size component of the army. Finally I am hoping to make An'ggrath the centerpiece of this army when it is completed, a great model and a lot of fun to paint.

This new force will join my existing finished army of....
1 Greater Daemon of Nurgle
1 Herald of Nurgle
The Masque
10 Bloodletters
21 Plaguebearers
14 Flesh Hounds
8 Furies
1 Daemon Prince of Nurgle

Enjoy! :)

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