Friday, June 4, 2010

Iron Painter: The Aftermath

Well the dust has finally settled and after catching up on my much needed sleep I am ready to report the results of my Iron Painter. The event went off right at noon on Saturday and in total there were around 30 competitors taking the challenge. This is the most I have ever seen sign up in any of the Iron Painters I have been in the past few years. I spent all of Saturday painting away on the daemons, and putting most of my time into the Nurgle Greater Daemon since he was one of the principle pieces I wanted to finish first. Originally the GDN would serve my Grey Death Legion as the standard CSM Greater Daemon, but he would also now serve a secondary role as one of my HQ choices for my Daemon army. He was the first model I could totally say I had finished by the end of the day, with a little help from the GW Washes he was grimy and dirty ready to unleash his filth on the enemies of the legion!

After a while one gets really tired of painting, and in the past this has been a problem for me or not so depending on how I feel. Its late night and you need a distraction, so what to do….Simple! Line up a 10K Mega Battle of Nurgles Finest vs. the new Shiny Blood Angels! It’s 2 AM and I’m tired of painting for a while, and a good friend of mine offered to bring his blood angels out for a test drive in the new codex. We had a running joke about the new cover of the BA’s Codex where they are just stomping on Plague Marines. I couldn’t have such a stain (Pun intended!) on the honor of the Grey Death Legion so I had to step up and thrown down to see if the cover was right or wrong. Over the week we agreed to an all out grudge match, he has a huge BA army, and of course I have a large force of Nurgle CSM too. I sat down and began to work up a list for this clash; in one FOC I was able to bring 5K of Death Guard with some Alpha Legion support. I dug out all my nurgle forces Mortal and Daemons, along with The Red Reavers Alpha Legion raptor force of The Shredder and some support elements.

What does 10K of DG and BA marine war look like...something like this!

And we're set....and we're...GO! Game On!

Looks like the Lord of Death is not having a good day.....Necrosius Claims your Soul!

ARGH! Someone stop those Deep Striking Landriders! =(

The battle was epic to say the least; there was much death and destruction. The problem is that most of it was on my end, as my combined CSM force was mauled by the new Blood Angels. The Death Company was a crusher force, and I threw 3 squads of PMs and 1 squad of Lesser daemons and they still stood their ground. I used Necrosius as the character from the new FW Book, and he earned his status as he was able to take down Mephiston with his force weapon. The other BA HQ Astorath the Grim also suffered a horrible death at the hands of my forces. The end result was a total victory for the Blood Angels with only one Alpha Legion Rhino left on the battlefield at the end of turn 5. I guess we proved the cover was accurate after all, Damn!

Well with the game done it was back to painting, and since I had a good time with the game it helped me stay awake and eek out the last hours of the challenge! While I didn’t get all 1K points finished in the end, I still got over 500 points finished and was able to enter the final judging with a good size force of 1 Nurgle GD, 10 Bloodletters, and 14 Flesh Hounds. Having finished 25 out of 37 models I was happy with my results for the 24 hour craze. Now this force joins my already finished large Nurgle contingent of 21 Plague Bearers, Nurgle DP, and 8 Furies. I think I can safely say I can build a good size army out of this.

I still have 2 more Khrone DPs, 10 Daemonetts, 1 Slaanesh Herald mounted on a steed, 10 Seekers of Slaanesh, 1 Khrone Herald, a ton more bloodletters, 1 Tzeench GD, Skulltaker, and The Masque to finish now…..the army continues to grow!

Enjoy! :)

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