Friday, May 28, 2010

Iron Painter: Daemons

This coming weekend the battle bunker is holding an Iron Painter weekend. Basically the bunker will be open all day and night for 24 hours. Hobbyist are encouraged to take part in a 24 hour paint-a-thon! The range of what you build and paint can range between 500 to 2K points, with a minimum of models for each 500 point range. At the end of this event the best armies will be judged to see who stands above the rest. This won't be my first IP, but I'm hoping this will be my best one yet. I will be taking part in the 1K points range with 37 models, and my army of choice this time....DAEMONS!!!

A recent addition to my chaos forces, I have slowly been building up my daemon forces over the last few months. With a large number of Plague Bearers and Furies now finished I am hoping to possibly build up to a 2K daemon force in the near future and add another force for chaos to my roster.

Here is what I will be bringing along this time.....

HQ 1
Greater Daemon of Nurgle

HQ 2

Troop 1
10 Bloodletters w/Instrument

Troop 2
10 Daemonettes w/Instrument

FA 1
14 Flesh Hounds

Heavy 1
Daemon Prince

Total Points: 1065
Total Model Count: 37

Wish me luck and see you on the other side......Enjoy! ;)

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Sputnik said...

Good luck, dude.